PS3's Playstation Network up and running

The producer of Full Auto, Mike Gallo, has spoken about how Full Auto 2's online functions will work, in an interview on the Official Playstation Magazine's podcast

"When you first turn on the machine it logs you in automatically, I think you can change that in the settings. You have a user ID and an online profile, thats set up through the PlayStation, we don't have anything to do with that. That's all done through the PlayStation Network." He continued by saying "We use Gamespy as part of our backend. And we do support your user profile, or whatever the final name for that's gonna be for the [PS3], that'll be what gets logged for stats."

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TheMART6401d ago

Still what did we hear really about the online system? It logs on automatically... RIght... Matchmaking damn that was something we didn't know...

It's Sony. So I am still cautious, they could be 'pulling a Sony' anytime.

Shadow Flare6401d ago

yeah. yes. anyway, i don't think its byond sony to make a matchmaking scheme and log you in automatically, MART

The more info that comes out, the more sony is providing the core basics of a good online experience. Thats why its great when ps3 users can play online with all the proper online things needed (like unified gamertag and matchmaking etc.) and play online for absolutely free. 360 gamers are now only paying $50 a year for what, live arcade? When everything else 360 gamers PAY for, ps3 users get for FREE

It's a great deal and its bound to attract thousands of online gamers purely because its free and playstation is already a strong brand name. So expect a strong online community

TheMART6401d ago

Well I just picked up 12 month subscriptions for the original XBOX for 20 Euro each, which work to activate on 360 also. There are ways to get it cheaper that way!

Anyhow, I'd rather pay 50 dollars/euro's flat fee service then to have to add costs on every single byte I would download. Like GT4 HD could cost over 600 dollar in total if you want the cars, tracks and more.

So just wait with the 'free', because Sony has never been 'free'. Anything free is also contradicting with Premium Quality. So they'll let you pay, one way or the other and I expect in total it to be more expensive then a flat fee service like XBL.

And first, it has to catch up on 5 years of experience with a PREMIUM online service. That's hard, if not impossible


so im not buying GTHD so i dont pay 600 more .. whats your point im still playing resistance for free ...

TheMART6401d ago

That there will be more tricks like that from Sony's big magical hat.

What I mean: with XBL you know the costs. It's not in small letters and you don't end up paying 120 dollars instead. Which with Sony's service you probably will.

That's the difference.

Shadow Flare6401d ago (Edited 6401d ago )

To play games online on the ps3 is FREE

To download content costs money

Yes, it can be done. PS2 online may have been crap but it was completely free. Sony and game companies are making their money through micro-transactions of content, NOT actually playing the game online. And because PS3 online has all the standerd online facilities and its free, thats why it will rock. The pure fact that its free to play games online (just like the ps2) is going to attract millions of gamers and the fact that it has the same facilities and layout as Xbox Live is what makes it great. Xbox Live has tough competion here whether you like it or not. Live may be slighly better, but its not free, and thats a huge pull factor for playstation

lalaland6401d ago

There is no difference between the PS3 network and XBL there. Regarding GT:HD, we don't know the price yet, but it is expected to be a budget game. Still you get two tracks and 30 cars in HD out of the box with the possibility to buy two more tracks and 30 more HD cars in a special pack -- there were 80 cars in the fullpriced PGR3.

You don't need to buy all 700 hundred cars to enjoy the game -- you don't need to buy any more cars at all. Just as you don't need to buy that shining armor in Oblivion to enjoy that game.

No matter how you turn it, XBL is the more expensive online service. Wether the quality of the PS3 service is up to par has yet to be seen, but nothing indicates it wouldn't be possible.

Grown Folks Talk6400d ago

sony does have a strong brand name. they also have a strong history of awful online experience. if not for madden, which people continue to praise in its mediocrity, and socom, many would probably have never touched ps2 online. sometimes you get what you pay for. we'll have to see. and every time they show a chart of online, it never mentions playing games for free. even the chart kaz showed at e3 didn't say free gaming. talk is cheap. i'll believe it when i see it. but of course when the devs charge you individually, sony can still say they provide it for free because they aren't charging directly.

eques judicii6400d ago

things might not be free... imagine if you need to buy a "patch" to play online with certain games... what if you needed to buy second chapters... and why does sony keep referring to "basic" services... what comes with their premium?

It might be free, but you are still paying another 200 dollars for the system...

lalaland6400d ago (Edited 6400d ago )

The same things could be imagined for XBL as well... In fact features like paid-for chapters has been announced by several developers for both X360 and PS3.

Patches as in error corrections for a price is highly unlikely. But patches as in new gameplay modes and/or extra missions are already available for a price on XBL today. I believe the same will happen for the PS3 network. Will they be more expensive on PS3? We simply don't know. They might, but it would be highly unlikely, as everything else for PS3 has been priced very competitively.

Price comparrisons are silly, but since you started it, actually PS3 owners wanting to go online only pays $50 more than X360 owners wanting to play online. Since one would need the X360 premium and an XBL Gold membership for online play, and only a similarly specced PS3 standard for the exact same (but with the added benefit of rechargeable controllers, HDMI and a Blu-Ray movieplayer thrown in for the last 50 bucks).

Is that $50 worth of extra features? Maybe not, but X360 owners will probably spend another $50 the following year for more online play.

Grown Folks Talk6400d ago

disagree followed up by no comment as to why. very prevalent on this site. people like to click disagree just because a post goes against their precious system, yet they can't even state why they disagree. if only dusty had a way to weed out jack@sses and instagators, so that the few could have reasonable discussions with each other. at least there are a handful of people like zypher, lalaland, bladestar, and shadow flare who can disagree without being d*cks about it. bring back my atari 2600 and pitfall.

eques judicii6400d ago

I see where you are coming from, and I also see that you caught on to my reference to GRAW's chapter 2.. which irked me big time (and why i didn't pay for it) The price comparison is also something that I see as a "pay for what you get" deal. Gamespy has never been my friend (too many bad finds and it delays and well... ) I meant "patch" because if sony is not hosting servers for the games (like microsoft does) then developers will have to host them themselves... This means that they have to completely code them for themselves, costing additional time and resources. They will want some sort of reimbursement and if it doesn't come from sony it will have to be a method of pay from the consumers. One option, besides giving them your credit card, will be to make you pay through whatever "currency" sony will have for microtransactions... This may be a one time fee or "patch" to your game enabling online functions..

This is speculation.. but i'd rather pay <$5 per month for a strong online function than nothing for a weak one. And to address your misinformation about the premium... you can play online with the core if you buy a memory card (something to save your profile on) which is only 40 dollars... bringing your total to 390 which is a far cry from the 500 dollar ps3 (which will be extremely rare considering that only 20% of launch models are this sku) and even further from the 600 dollar sku.

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D3acon6401d ago

except the automatic logging and that the online network is in place. I always wonder why PC gamers get the same thing for free while Microsoft charges for the same services.

If the service is relatively lag free then Sony will have a true winner on their hands.


"We use Gamespy as part of our backend. And we do support your user profile, or whatever the final name for that's gonna be for the [PS3], that'll be what gets logged for stats"

so sony doesnt have a service, they use gamespy

lalaland6400d ago

So this actually indicates they are on schedule for the launch -- although I don't believe we will see many launch games actually utilize Sony's PNP to full extent if at all. Devs seem to be in the dark and partnering with third-parties for online features (i.e. XFire).

But the situation for the second wave of games will probably be very different with full support.

TheXgamerLive6401d ago (Edited 6401d ago )

He's saying that these mentioned things are ready to be utulized by sony's online network, however it's up to sony and not up to him if the network is or will be ready at launch. If he's told probably a few weeks before release that it's not going to be ready then I'd say it will me either dismanteled or left in for when/if it become playable online. But nothing is a given that a network is up and running, please stop the fantasy world you live in.

Every little download will cost you, free my A**, that's a joke, remember something that sounds to good to be true probably is, cha- ching.