Microsoft Invests in the "Future of TV" on Xbox

The Xbox is no longer a simple games platform — it's an entertainment hub — and to support that trend, Microsoft has revealed new information about its Los Angeles-based studio focused on producing "true interactive content." The 125 person effort is being spearheaded by Nancy Tellem, former president of CBS Television Studios who joined the company last year, and will expand upon the company's ongoing efforts with live events, such as the interactive polls it utilized during the Academy Awards. The studio, Tellem says, will be integral to the company's strategy to "pioneering the future of TV," which will include over 40 new TV and movie apps coming to Xbox in the next year.

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Axonometri3681d ago

Lost me... It would take some serious changes and extremely impressive innovation to even make me think of buying another Xbox product.

Even then, I have a really taint taste in my mouth from the joke that is the current Xbox slim Kinect console. I have no clue why people are still buying the thing. Are MS even interested in gaming any more?

andibandit3681d ago

If the next xbox takes off like a rocket and gets a huuge userbase, you know game publishers will follow them likes flies to ****, and force their developers to develop for it.
Why try to wrestle with publishers and game developers to try to keep them exclusive, if you're sooo big, that they simply cant afford not to develop for your platform.

This would convince me to get another xbox.

Axonometri3681d ago

It won't make a bit of difference if the games suck a$$ and are not actually games that people want to play. A game console is supposed to be just that. All this social BS and connectivity Honkey is not what a game console is suppose to be.

It is about Games. Period.

StrongMan3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

MS have completely abandoned the hardcore that made the Xbox what it WAS. This will come back and bite them in the butt next gen. They keep pushing Kinect games that don't sell so you would think they'd learn their lesson by now.

abzdine3681d ago

the problem isn't that kinect games sell or do not sell, it's about the quality. i have more fun playing a SEGA Superstar EyeToy game than any Kinect game cause the recognition is broken and is so frustrating.

man those DBZ Kinect and Sonic Racing Kinect are the worst motion controlled games i've ever seen. but pigeons will always follow

K1SSMYAZZ3680d ago

Actually no it will not mess them up. Microsoft has made the gaming industry much bigger by inviting all facets of ages to play games together and have fun doing it (Kinect). My grand father use to hate us playing games, now he himself is up and playing and would always ask us to play with him...-_-

So give Microsoft it's props where props due. There are more gamers out there today then hc gamers.

urwifeminder3681d ago

Day one for me love to be entertained.

fooltheman3681d ago

Entertainment should benefit gaming, not abandoning gaming.

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