White PS3 rumours hot up

Queues may start forming outside US Circuit City stores by the end of this story, because fresh rumours indicate that 'ceramic white' PlayStation 3s are winging their way to the electronics giant's stores.

According to unnamed sources at CC, cited by website Kotaku, employees have been taking in stock of a new model PS3 stamped with code "CECHH01", which has previously been associated with the white PS3.

CC staff claim to have been told, presumably by Sony, to expect a new 40GB model without a free movie, suggesting the white PS3 will initially be offered in the 40GB capacity. It's said the white PS3s will be held in stock until all remaining bundles comprising a 40GB PS3 with a Blu-ray copy of Spiderman 3 have been sold.

Sony took up its established "deny all" stance long ago, talking down rumours of a white PS3 in January, despite the appearance of documents filed by the company with the US Federal Communications Commission that seemed to suggest one was en-route to the US and Europe.

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EZCheez4190d ago

I just saw a 40Gb tonight without Spiderman 3 and it was black. Are we sure that's not the SKU Sony told them to expect?

sonarus4190d ago

whats the big deal white ps3 blk ps3. I wouldnt by another one just for color. In fact if i had to choose i'll go with black. You always bet on black

heyheyhey4190d ago

if Sony release a red PS3 with a kratos design on it like the PSP then i will buy that despite already having a PS3

and the Slim&Lite will probably be around by then (saw official concept designs for it in T3 magazine)

PirateThom4190d ago

The Black 40GB has a different SKU number.

Black 40GB - CECHG01
White 40GB - CECHH01

EZCheez4190d ago

Are you sure that's the number for the PS3's without Spiderman 3? I think the number you gave for the 40Gb is for the one still packaged with the movie.

PirateThom4190d ago

As far as I'm aware, it's the same SKU number.

Either way, the "CECHH01” number is definitely the white version.

MikeGdaGod4190d ago

i'd get the silver ps3 for $499 tomorrow

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PSWe604190d ago

Racial humor aside; The PS3 looks good in white

sonarus4190d ago

i think it looks better in black but maybe cus i am biased cus i already have blk. Dont plan on buying another ps3 till they come out with the slim

socomnick4190d ago

It looks better in white It seems to be the trend nowadays with white ipods wiis xbox 360 etc.

LightningPS34190d ago

Because they're gonna need it.

LightningPS34190d ago

They're gonna need it in April, trust me.

RecSpec4190d ago

Not really, why would they try to take away from MGS4 bundle sales?

whoelse4190d ago

Last i heard is that PS3 sales have rocketed and with everything going on in April, they are set to get even better!

Gaara_7244190d ago

would be good but its bad as well coz if u smoke that will turn into a yellowish died colour and if it got dirt on it that will stick out and dust will be more visable

ianp6224190d ago

I think a smoker should be more concerned about his/her lungs turning black rather than a PS3 turning yellow. And dust would probably be harder to see, since dust is whiter than it is black.

I think it's nice to have choice, but ultimately I would get the MGS4 bundle if I didn't already have a PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.