Microsoft Forced Removal of Online Level Sharing in N+ - 'We Were Devastated,' Says Co-Creator

N+ always intended to let players upload custom levels for anyone to download, but Microsoft nixed the feature at the last second.

The decision was so last second, in fact, the version of N+ available on Partnernet, a test version of Xbox Live that publishers and select media can access, actually includes this feature. MTV Multiplayer wondered why a small studio like Metanet Software would bother investing in such an ambitious feature if they had any suspicions it wouldn't make the cut.

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Lord Anubis4195d ago

that's right you gotta pay to upload you gotta pay to download that will be Microsoft's moto.

ruibing4195d ago

Too bad the exclusivity clause in their XBLA contract will prevent them from releasing this game on the PSN anytime soon.

InYourMom4195d ago

MS has their grip so tight on XBL that they willing to give their gamers a less then best experience. These are the kinds of things that make me favor the PS3 more.

Sometimes I wonder just wth MS is thinking sometime. They touted all this "shared content" talk at the launch of the 360 but the PS3 has already eclipsed it with UT3 mod's alone.

These kinda of moves aren't going to win it any favor in the gaming community or in sales.

JVIDICAN4195d ago

wonder if anything in XNA is going to be affected by microsofts LIVE policies

niall774195d ago

and talking more then 50% of the royalty must be turning some people off.

XNA easy to get in, Hard to get out.

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The story is too old to be commented.