“The Future of PlayStation” Might Not Be the PlayStation 4, It Could be Something Bigger

DualShockers writes, "In a couple of days, all eyes will be on the Hamerstein stage in New York City as Sony shows us “the future of PlayStation.” And while all signs point to a PlayStation 4 reveal, there’s another service that will likely steal the show. Sony’s purchase of Gaikai last summer for $380 million dollars may finally begin to bare fruit, and it could turn out to be Sony’s best move since, well… ever."

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darthv722072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Perhaps a PS4 that is both console when hooked to a TV and portable when you want to take it with you.

That would be huge.

It probably wont happen with a PS4 but still a good idea that Sony has the ability to deliver. PS5 maybe will be something like that.

Maybe a bigger reveal than the PS4 would be them saying you can buy it the very next day. No one would ever see that coming.

Blackdeath_6632072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

sorry for the dislike when i read this bit of your comment "Perhaps a PS4 that is both console when hooked to a TV and portable when you want to take it with you. " i thought that is overly ambitious and not possible but i thought about it for a second and it finally clicked, imagine if you can stream ps4 games to your psvita via gaikai!!! i was mind blown. come on sony make it happen! that will truly send shockwaves in the gaming industry.

LOGICWINS2072d ago

I think Sony will announce that every title on the PSN store will be playable on Vita...making every game an automatic cross buy :)

Donnieboi2072d ago

@ Blackdeath: You only NOW just thought of that?

xursz2071d ago

I just want better use of remote play. PS4 games on vita is purely wishful thinking.

Karlnag32071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )


It would send shockwaves through the industry because it would be immensely stupid. Why would they announce a new home console, that is likely going to be more expensive than a PSVITA, and then immediately remove any reason to purchase it by allowing you to play all of it's games on a cheaper device?

memots2071d ago


I hope your right. This would be major win win win for all

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Donnieboi2072d ago

It would be cool if they named it PS5. As if to say it's just cool that it skipped a gen. lol.

subtenko2071d ago

Yea, especially after xbox 2nd gen console was named xbox360,lol. So the 4th PS (home console) can be named PS5 with whatever reason. Seems cool to me, I like it.

The PSSssss cause it's *puts on shades* sizzling, oh yeaaaaa. Yea it's

NoSuchUserName2071d ago

MS went with 360 instead of xbox 2 just to get the number 3 in there. Can't have the xbox 2 compete with ps3, so they skipped a gen name-wise :-)

danthebios2071d ago

Psy,sony style,op op op op sony style,hey sexy console,op op op sony style

anti-fanboy2071d ago


Or not. The only company to sequentially number their consoles has been Sony.

Just_The_Truth2071d ago

@anti-fanboy: Nosuchusername is right about that. I thought everyone new why they went with 360 and not 2. It's pretty obvious.

anti-fanboy2070d ago


That is still going on the assumption that when the origanal Xbox was developed they intended to continue a linier number naming. There are many decisions that went into the "360" name, but you or anyone else on here cant say that it was the intent to be called the Xbox 2. Like I said its not the norm to sequentially number consoles from generation to generation.

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kariyanine2072d ago

"Maybe a bigger reveal than the PS4 would be them saying you can buy it the very next day. No one would ever see that coming."

That worked out great for Sega with the Dreamcast.

darthv722071d ago

that was the saturn not the dreamcast.

it was a risky move but one they fely was worth taking because all eyes were on the newly revealed PS from Sony.

this time around, sony is a more established console company than sega. They 'could' pull it off better than sega did back in the day.

kariyanine2071d ago

@darthv72 regardless of system, my point stands. It didn't work out well for Sega.

And more established in what way? The Saturn was Sega's third home console, which followed the fairly successful Genesis.

And exactly how do you feel Sony could pull it off? They haven't been able to pull of much of anything over the last year or so. The Vita has been a bust, software sales for their big exclusive retail games have been nearly non-existent.

Additionally what consumer has $400-600 just sitting around ready to be spent on a newly released system. I just don't see how Sony could pull this off any better than Sega did 18 years ago.

rainslacker2071d ago

That's not really how it went down. They announced it several months earlier, but then came out and said it would be available the next day. It left retailers and developers completely unprepared and is considered one of the worst launches in console history because of that. It only had a few games, and was hard to find in stores for several weeks.

Also, that kind of rumor would not be able to be held back. Retailers would already be receiving stock to ship out if they were going to release it anytime in the next few weeks.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2071d ago

the same consumers who spend 300 bucks on an "upgraded" iphone or android phone every single year. They can always do the rent to own method that xbox has adopted this gen

Money was different 18 years ago. You probably had a tv that had already been in te family for 10-15 years as well. Times have changed and so have consumers.

I would buy next day if the features are right and games are available

NobodyImportant2071d ago


"...what consumer has $400-600 just sitting around ready to be spent on a newly released system?"


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kneon2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

I've said before that this will one day be the future of consoles, but we're at least a generation away from that. But at some point a portable will be so powerful and cheap that there will be little point to a traditional console. With wireless HDMI you could just connect to any TV in the room.

But I might be sitting in a rocking chair in the retirement home before we get there :)

MariaHelFutura2071d ago

Sony will release the cure for all diseases.

josephayal2071d ago

Apple was planning to develop a video game console

fourOeightshark2071d ago (Edited 2071d ago )

Like the failed Apple Pippin in the 90s.

Mounce2071d ago

What's bigger than PS4?! Easy.

Sony comes out and is like: "Our console is so god damn advanced that we're completely skipping PS4 and going STRAIGHT TO PS5! BAM!"

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Blackdeath_6632072d ago

gaikai will provide huge support for the playstaion brand specially if it can provide a service similar to that of steam but for consoles. i still think it would take gaikai some time to get there and while it may be the future of playstation the 2/20 will more likely be focused on the ps4.

JoelT2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Honestly, I don't see them carrying the Gaikai name much longer. If they rebranded it as "PlayStation Now" that would help the service gain momentum quickly because now you're putting the PS brand power behind it.

Godchild10202072d ago

I was think it would be intragrated into the PlayStation network some how. Not so much replace the current PSN, but improve on it some how.

I don't know how Gaikai works, so it would be nice to find out.

LOGICWINS2072d ago

Why on Earth are people disagreeing with you? Thats a fantastic idea!

JoelT2072d ago


Maybe, Logic doesn't always win?

(see what just happened there)

FamilyGuy2071d ago

Yeah, unless Sony signed some sort of deal around keeping the name when they purchased the company it's almost a guarantee that the name Gaikai will be changed to something with playstation in it.

darthv722071d ago

PlayStation X-Stream

The "X" could be representative of whatever platforms they put it on. vita, PS3, PSTV, PS4...?

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Walker2072d ago

PS4 inside PS3 with Gaikai !

subtenko2071d ago

Right now I'm thinking of Alien with that other alien tongue coming out of it,lol

TripC502072d ago

PS5...boom. So big it had to skip a number.

Gamer-402072d ago

What could be bigger than a PS4?
I don't understand.

MoveTheGlow2071d ago

The original Xbox was pretty big. I'm pretty sure it was considered a deadly weapon in 20 nations.