Xbox 360 kiosk wins in-store marketing award

The In-Store Marketing Institute has released the complete list of award winners for its 2006 Design of the Times Awards Competition, held in conjunction with the In-Store Marketing Expo in Chicago. Winners were announced Sept. 27.

Presented by P-O-P Times, the Design of the Times Awards Competition recognizes the in-store marketing industry's best displays and retail promotions. More than 100 brand-marketing and retailing executives judged the entries based on creativity in design and engineering, the innovative use of materials, the compatibility of the display to its retail channel, its ability to enhance the brand's image, and the realization of sales and marketing objectives.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 Kiosk Program earned the Best of the Times award, the highest award in the annual competition. The kiosk was produced by Design Phase Inc. of Waukegan, Ill.

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Deceased5902d ago

They should have, the Samsung TV's they have by far have the best picture I have ever seen. In case you didn't already know Samsung dominates picture quality in HDTV's. They blow everyone away that is why sony buys display parts from Samsung hahaha. And the sad thing is Samsung is a korean company and the japanese hate korea. DEATH to SoNY!

FadeToBlack5901d ago

None the less sony still has the higest rated HDTV on the market which is its 60" Lcos XBR line

calderra5901d ago

The mem unit thing was a nice touch.


MS shows everyone how its done. again.