Official Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots Website Launched

The official Japanese website representing Metal Gear Solid 4 has officially been launched and it features a countdown, some movies and a cool wallpaper for all the MGS fans out there. For reassurance the release date is also up on the website (12th June).

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niall774193d ago

or Fox die "disolves" them

Harry1904193d ago

is rejuvenated,and comes back
in 10years when kojima finds a
new impulse.this is going to be a piece of gaming heaven.

DarkSniper4193d ago (Edited 4193d ago )

Very amusing and interesting link you've posted Mailman. Have a bubble. Dark Sniper caught a couple of laughs off of that. Especially when Microslaves has used the Devil May Cry petition as ammo for quite sometime.

With the collaboration of Mailman and Dark Sniper, Microslaves are have taken personal offense to the astounding news of Metal Gear Solid being playable only on PLAYSTATION®3.

Microslaves only have two choices. Jump out, or Miss out. The choice is yours.


heyheyhey4193d ago


those petitions are freaking hilarious, nice find mailman

have those "petitions" heard the news that MGS4 is filling up a dual-layer BD disk?

and those descriptions are hilarious too, even though they are old

"we think the PS3 is too expensive and therefore will not have a sufficient install base of buyers, we 360 owners are gamers and will buy your games"

Kojima-san probably laughed his ass off when he saw these

petitions are pathetic

belal4193d ago

is that young snake ? on the pic on front page ? it must be snake getting cloned again. it cant be the octo camo. or could it?

Marceles4193d ago

I like the wallpaper, Snake's pose reminds me of dragonball...looks like he's about to go Super Saiyan

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The story is too old to be commented.