Hottest 25 PSP games for relase before Xmas

Uk-based portable gaming specialists Pocket Gamer have put together their list of 25 reasons for PSP owners to be cheerful in the run up to Xmas..

If you thought that with Gitaroo Man Lives!, B-Boy, Mercury Meltdown and Gradius Collection out the door there was nothing to look forward to on PSP, you better start sweet talking your bank manager...

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PS360WII5904d ago

that's the must have? Games that I've played 2 years ago. 'sept Killzone but that also came out on ps2 and a better one will be out on ps3... then you have some ports of games that are out now awesome... why not get a console.

Don't be mad at me though. This is what they make of it

CompGeek5904d ago

I dont know what xmas is, I'll have to assume you mean Christmas.