Sneak Out: MGS4 Deluge Continues

Via Ripten's Geoff Haugan:

"The wave of MGS4 info comes to a crest today as the official PlayStation Blog posts some clarifying details, Kojima Productions launches teaser sites for MGS4 and MGO and the Kojima Productions Report 81 goes live. I'm here to pull everything together and tie up some loose ends."


Sorry guys. I tried to update it and remove 360, but by the time I went to do it, it was already approved. I will try and contact an admin.

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Nostradavis4188d ago

Can you please remove 360 from the list of categories. I was not able to remove it before it was approved. Thank you.

Mr_Kuwabara4188d ago

Go to the forums and post a topic of your error.

Harry1904188d ago

why?they can lament a little more.
not all of them,mind you.

Nostradavis4188d ago

Thanks Kub,

I will do that right now.


ruibing4188d ago

It's very mean to tease them so. ^_^b

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Skerj4188d ago

Man, Konami and Sony weren't messing around when they said there was going to be a blowout for this game. They've finally learned their lessons, maybe now Sony will retain some of this knowledge for future games.

Sevir044188d ago

"Metal Gear Online

The April 21 planned start date of the MGO beta now includes North America. The beta will run approximately two weeks and will be available in Europe as well. The new MGO Teaser site provides what details there are to be had about the game."

Great New eh!!! told you all to just wait. So You Guys dont get left out either you just have to pre order now with Major retailers. EB and Gamestop home of Fanbois while i hate going there, i certainly will be paying in full for the LE version of it. cause i want in

DJ4188d ago

There's only one language on each version because they ran out of space on the 50 GB Blu-ray discs??? o_o'

techie4188d ago

They might have stuck to 25gb for cost reasons. (?)


I went into the store to pre order and ask them , they know nothing..but he did take my email address and said they would sent out the info when they know something...

HeartlesskizZ4188d ago

Same with me....I went to reserved my copy yesterday and this retarded guy had no Idea about any beta...why was he retarded? when I said I wanted to reserved my copy of MGS4 he asked on what platform????

anyways im sure some news will pop up regarding more details about the beta and how to get in =P

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