Gamedaily: Battlefield Heroes Preview

Gamedaily writes: With so many things going up in price (rent, stamps, gasoline), it's good to see Electronic Arts giving back to the gaming community with its upcoming free to play online shooter, Battlefield Heroes. Set during World War II, the game pits two factions, the Royal and National Armies, against each other, with gamers operating vehicles and firing weapons to win the war. You'll need to put up with some ads during load screens, but that's a very small price to pay for hours of multiplayer goodness.

Matches are fast paced and brutal affairs with plenty of over the top shenanigans. Players will get into explosive tank battles, dog fight hundreds of feet in the air and even pick up teammates by swooping down in their general direction. In fact, soldiers can hitch a ride on fighter planes by sitting on their wings. They can even fire their weapons.

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