Capcom: "The Only Platform Announced For SFIV Is The Japanese Arcade Release"

Capcom has not announced a console for SFIV. Currently, it is arcade only. Here's a quote from Capcom sent to TheBitBag 2 minutes ago:

"The only platform announced for SFIV has been the Japanese arcade release coming this summer"

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

to me, that sounds like it`s NOT for sure on any system.



and because of the HUGE Japanese following, i`d say IF it is EXCLUSIVE there`s more chance of it being for PS3.

but w/ that said, i doubt it.

but you never know.

Marceles4190d ago

Eh...I have trouble believing bitbag after the whole GTAIV thing...but yes for sure the game is coming to the arcades, everyone knows that.

captainjy4189d ago

Uh, yeah right. Another lame ass attempt to create lies and dissention.

gunnerforlife4189d ago

if this actually does come out only on ps3 and im sure it is cuz this game is meant for the japanies den boi, not step over wii but step over DS

kornbeaner4189d ago

The arcade is the only way to truly enjoy SF.
The home console has its place. But nothing is better then playing for 10 games and you're still on your first quarter, cause you have handed everybody their a$$e$.

"Hadu-ken" b!tches

Guwapo774189d ago

Playing 10 games on your first quarter? Dude, you can't play anything for a quarter anymore. Hell SF2 original through SF2HyperChampionshipEdition was 50cent with 25cent continues. Only SF1 was a quarter to play...

Oh yes...I had my roll of quarters for SF1. Man that game was hard as hell. Anyone else have Fighting Street for Turbo Graphix 16 CD? Didn't you think it would be easier to play on the home console? LoL.

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The story is too old to be commented.