Yes, Wii Can - The dangers of technology overload

Washington writes: ""This is all your fault," says my sister Claire in a voice mail. " You told me to move the Wii upstairs!" She hangs up. She has an uncanny way of getting me to call back quickly. I'm sitting here wondering what in the name of Super Mario Galaxy she is talking about.

Claire was the first person I knew to get a Nintendo Wii console game, two years ago, back when the system was introduced. I did not approve. I was a cranky old video game naysayer, a person who maintained, firmly, that my own children would not have their creativity thwarted, would not be tempted by the evils of pixel addiction that I believed virtual play on video screens to represent. It gave me something to feel superior about."

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ChickeyCantor4187d ago

after reading this i realized that this sounds like those christmas storys that didnt had a happy ending....more like WTF was the point of this story :|

-EvoAnubis-4187d ago

While this story was almost entertaining, I don't see why this is here.

-SIXAXIS-4187d ago

Can someone say "Bored Soccer Mom"?

giososc4187d ago

... that was retarded!

funkysolo4187d ago

When a 360 or PS3 gamer sales their console to get a wii that's when the gaming industry is in trouble, but until that day comes I don't want to here stories about 40 year old woman that never played games and went out and bought a wii...

blynx1824187d ago

Oh well. I'm gonna go play some Lunar Knights.

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