tri-Ace Working On New Project

Square Enix revealed today the content of the trailer disc that will be given out to fans who pre-order the upcoming Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution for PlayStation Portable in Japan. Titled Square Enix x tri-Ace Trailer Collection, the DVD will include trailers of nine tri-Ace developed games. Eight of those games are already available or have already been announced, but the final game will be a new, yet-to-be announced title. Below you will find a complete listing of the DVD's trailer content.

Star Ocean 1 First Departure, PlayStation Portable
Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution, PlayStation Portable
Star Ocean Till the End of Time Director's Cut, PlayStation 2
Star Ocean 4, tba
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, PlayStation Portable
Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, PlayStation 2
Radiata Stories, PlayStation 2
Infinite Undiscovery, Xbox 360
New game, tba

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pwnmaster30003979d ago

either ps3 exclusive or multi depends if star ocean is exclusive to ps3

Harry1903979d ago

last remnant is bizzare.

Harry1903979d ago

that's just something that
suddenly went through my mind

Darkiewonder3979d ago

mobile phone. One can hope.

Shinro3979d ago

if infinite undiscovery remains exclusive, it might make me get a 360.

SO will most likely reamin PS3 exclusive or multiplat, anyway. there's no reason for it to be 360 alone.

ah, tri-ace makes the best RPGs...