Mint Green PSP Released

Good news for PSP fans - if you live in Japan that is, the mint green PlayStation Portable has now been released in the land of the rising sun.

Should you decide to import it though, which is indeed an option thanks to SuccessHK, it will cost you $228.

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Slayer OP4190d ago

No matter what colour the psp is its always sexy.

permutated4190d ago

Thinking about importing one.

Curious if I should do that or just wait for that blood red GOW one.

Darkiewonder4190d ago

again. ;3 at least another color will hit this year.

Tempist4190d ago

Wow, are they releasing a new coloured PSP every 3 months or something?

Lets do a colour recount - Black, White, Silver, Red and now Green. So that leaves Blue and some other shades in between...

CrazzyMan4190d ago

hmm.. maybe that color i would get...

still thinking about god of war edition red color, but not sure if i like it.

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