Bungie’s Destiny Not Announced, But Heading to Wii U

Destiny has not been announced for the Wii U, but there are two hints in the reveal video that it could still head to Nintendo's latest console...

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Dwalls11712160d ago

So far they have only said its coming to sony and microsoft consoles...
Idk why but it seems some developers just dont like nintendo hardware

showtimefolks2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

it has a lot to do with the fact 3rd party games don't sell as well on nintendo home console as they do on sony or ms's systems

and nintendo has done next to nothing to improve that relationship, while mario will sell 3rd party publishers could careless

there is a nintendo direct about 3rd party games and i am hoping for some huge announcements


also someone told me earlier that its a xbox360 timed exclusive but they said it coming to ps3,xbox360 and next gen systems so its very confusing

i know that agreement that leaked is some sort of proof but bungie said its for ps3 along with xbox360 so maybe its day one launch for all systems?

Stroke6662160d ago

@showtimefolks... i think you're right about third party games (at least these types) not selling well on nintendo, but i think that is in large part to most people seriously into these types of games are into graphics and after wii(despite it being a great system) many graphics fans avoid nintendo. i for one would jump on this game if it came to wii u but i am only one person. i'm hoping nintendo does just one game that blows this negative graphics talk out the water and convinces the newer "hardcore" gen that they mean serious business. i believeonce nintendo does that then third party games would do better on the system, then it would be no question about whether or not these games come to nintendo. i honestly hope nintendo is playing secret agent on this one just to announce last minute that it is coming to wii u and maybe compete with the other next gen consoles for sales on the game. wouldnt be a bad idea seeing as how the other two will be fairly new.

classic2002160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )


I am almost certain if a so call console exclusive was going to the wiiu it would have been announce today.

The guy was in front of the PC does that mean its going to PC at launch? NO

My body is ready is pretty popular to say these days.
I hope nintendo gamers just take this with a grain of salt and not nuts like how they went crazy over raymen.

ozstar2160d ago

Ok, ill make you wait an extra 7 months for GTA then? Fine with that are you?

GTA 5 will not release until April 2014.

OmegaSlayer2160d ago

Geez this article was utter crap.
My body is ready = WiiU version is the most idiotic thing I've heard this week.

Anyway...this game is another proof about how much exclusivity deals matter = NOTHING

So, if Nintendo wants to read something into this thing is that Bayonetta2 won't be a WiiU exclusive.

WiiUsauce2159d ago

Bayonetta will forever be a Wii U exclusive. Nintendo is PAYING TO DEVELOP THE ENTIRE GAME. Without Nintendo, this game wouldn't exist. Why the hell would they spend their own resources to develop a game that will later release on their competitors' systems?

Link0792160d ago

Well on Bungie's website it says its coming to ps4,720WiiU,ps3,360,Vita ?

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fluffydelusions2160d ago

I saw the "my body is ready" and thought wii u

Abash2160d ago

The Wii U has been out for months, there is no reason for them to be secretive about a Wii U version. If they had one planned, it'd be announced with the PS3 and 360 versions

sknygy2160d ago

I agree with you but stranger things have happened. Watch_Dogs is also meant to be heading to Wii U but has not been formally announced.

...Perhaps Nintendo has asked these be held back for their rumoured third-party centric Wii U Direct?

PopRocks3592160d ago

Possibly, but I heard that Direct may only be in Japan. It's a little confusing for sure. Maybe Nintendo is reserving these larger announcements for GDC and E3? Who can say?

sknygy2160d ago

They have confirmed a 3DS third party direct for japan next week if thats what you mean?

Kamikaze1352160d ago

Perhaps they are experimenting with it to see if they can get it up to par with the other versions.

SilentNegotiator2160d ago

This isn't the first rumor that N.E. has fabricated about this or that AAA game coming to Wii U.

Erimgard2160d ago

Eh. This isn't really anything to go on.

Blackdeath_6632160d ago

i guess some nintendo fans want a bit of publicity since there really isnt much wiiU news around just a load of hype for next gen which i find kind of weird since wiiU claims to be next gen

Erimgard2160d ago

There's been a good amount of Wii U-related news lately. This just isn't it.

phantomexe2160d ago

If the wii u user base increases i'm sure it will. We all should know by now nintendo games made by nintendo will push sales of there consul. Nintendo could sell ice to eskmos. People go stiff for there games. Zelda,Metroid and yes that fat plummer. I think that X game is going push there base as well. Bungie will want to maximise profit. It's nintendos move now. Get your games out.

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