God of War: Chains of Olympus Sweet, Short - Wired's Review

The developers totally nailed the feel of God of War's combat engine. Swinging Kratos' massive chain-blades in dramatic arcs and feeling them rip through ancient Sparta's mythic beasts on the portable PSP is every bit as tendons-in-the-teeth visceral as the home versions, causing Wired's Chris Kohler to make the same sort of strange faces and grunts on the bus home as the crazy homeless dudes in the back seats.

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Marceles4193d ago

here we go...the start of the trend of dropping the rating because it's "too short"

vloeistof4193d ago

m oke .

omg i want gow3

funkysolo4193d ago

Why would you expect for a portable game to be longer than a console game..

TheExecutive4193d ago

5 hours is the perfect length for a portable game. These guys even comparing this game to console games means its worth a 9.

Snukadaman4193d ago

Its not in the time you get out of the game...its the experience...I have been playing patapon for almost 2 hours now and I will be damned if im not addicted to it...I am enjoying myself and to be honest its the longest I have touched my psp in a long time..patapon is a great example of cheap price for a good game....I dont doubt I will be entertained with chains of olympus...I wouldnt mind too spend 30 bucks on it..but 40 is a ok price for the portable god of war experience...

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