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Storm234006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Already knew it was coming but this is cool. Can't wait for this game!

And because God of War loves March releases, March 2009 would be awesome! Not sure if it will be done by then though.

sonarus4006d ago

they should release it march 09. GOW3 is one of sony's best franchises. Gotta spread out some games for 09

ScentlessApprentice74006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I'm sure Sony has some blockbuster releases already in store for 2009 (such as Syphon Filter and Jak and Daxter) but GOW3 would be better suited for a 2009 release. After all, Sony needs as much ammunition as they can muster up for the next year as well (this year Sony pretty much has enough ammunition to arm a large militia).

Nathaniel_Drake4006d ago

The thing is you see all the in house games Sony is producing now and even in the beginning are just amazing

From Resistance 2 to 8 days they are doing some amazing stuff, I can't wait to see how GOW3 is going to turn out, it just makes my head explode, KABOOOOOMMM!!!!

The Dark Knight4006d ago

IMAGINE IT CAME MARCH THIS YEAR:O that would be soo cool, but coming soon. i think it might make it out end of this year

mintaro4006d ago

they announced Jak 4!! are you serious! lol please dont toy with my emotions......ive been waiting a long time

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Rikitatsu4006d ago

Soon Should Mean SOON!! not fall 2008/ early 2009

heyheyhey4006d ago

it's basically a standard for ads nowadays

there's nothing you can do to stop it- ads are all about the psychology

kira9894006d ago

"Coming Soon" pretty much just means, "we started it"

But i agree with everyone else
March 09

cmrbe4006d ago

Kartos going head to head with all the gods.

ScentlessApprentice74006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

I hope Sony adds some new gameplay elements to GOW3 that haven't been used in the franchise yet. If you've seen the ending to GOW2 you know that the potential is there for new experiences, like maybe as Kratos you can command the Titan Army similiar to how a strategy game works.

JVIDICAN4006d ago

use the six axis for dodging and give it a free rotating camera and im good

Laexerias4006d ago

And rise of Kratos.
He is going to be the new Chuck Norris!

Bonsai12144006d ago

i can see GOW3 borrowing a lot from Shadow of the Colossus. cause you know he'll turn on the titans as well and proclaim himself king of the world...

either way, day one purchase for me. just like GOW and GOW2...

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ikiru33854006d ago

yeah they already announced it a while back. a game of epic proportions!!! :-)