HDTV Magazine Reviews the PS3

For $399 it really makes a lot of sense because of the upgradability and future-proof nature of the architecture.

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Maddens Raiders4007d ago

You mean it does all that and plays games too? Cool! [sarcasm]

TheWickedOne4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I'm more of a movie buff then a video game buff so PS3 seemed, to me at least, to be the ideal choice. In the process PS3 sort of got me back into gaming which I lost interest in a few years ago.

deeznuts4007d ago

I'm more of a movie buff than gaming buff, but the PS3 got me back into gaming, and now I also enjoy watching Blu-Ray movies. First console since SNES. And I started dating a chick last year who has a Wii and 360. She just bought me a PSP.

Man talk about jumping back into gaming. I have NO TIME!

mighty_douche4007d ago

Nice bit of free advertising there.

shizball4007d ago

I've been pretty close to caving in and buying one

shizball4007d ago

I'll wait for the MGS4 bundle :)

eagle214007d ago

There are rumors that a White sku is coming this month. And you also have the high demand MGS4 bundle coming. Are you in Europe or America, cause Europe has a hot GT5 Prologue Bundle.

cmrbe4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Once you get the shiny black beast out of the box you will have no regrets in buying it. Everything about is screams class. And when you turn it on to watch movies or PS3 games. You will hit your head and curse yourself for not buying one earlier :) I don't work for Sony but i can honestly say that the PS3 is the best piece of tech Sony has developed sofar. If you love movies or games. I highly recommend a PS3. For $399 USD its a steal.

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sheng long4007d ago

It's the center of my home theater and i love it!
I don't think i could be without my PS3.

mighty_douche4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )


"People" bash it because people buy it for Blu-Ray, but whats wrong with that? Sony has bagged two demographics, the gamer, and the movie fan. Personally i love it for both : )

cmrbe4007d ago

People that bash the PS3 for being multi functional are 1 dimensional people. Case in point The Mart at post 7.

cmrbe4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

and surely. People are seeing the PS3 as it is. An amazing piece of tech that not only play top of the line games but also play HD movies. I am more impressed with the PS3 than the PS2. Sony really has outdone themselves with the PS3. Crazzy Ken is a genius and all his critics should suck his toe :)

ukilnme4007d ago

I have to agree. It is a nice piece of technology. My dad is giving me a home theater system as a house warming gift. He does not know it yet but I am giving him a PS3 to complete his home theater system.

mighty_douche4007d ago


Im gonna phone my dad....

ukilnme4007d ago

@ mighty_douche

His motives are not completely unselfish. He just wants my house to sound as good as his does when he visits. I'm still taking it though.

cmrbe4007d ago

lucky you still have your dads around. Haha. The advantage of having a family member that loves you much with a higher pay salary.

killer_trap4007d ago

seems like every time you open your big mouth i end up giving you a bubble. i couldn't have said it better myself. thank you very much.

cmrbe4007d ago

welcome and bubbles to you too :)

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