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Has gaming's toughness one-upmanship gone too far?

In the genre of action games, market success depends almost entirely on establishing a game's protagonist as a grade-A badass ... and there is an arms race going on.

Common-or-garden-variety Navy SEALS, ex-Green Berets, veteran Marines and hardboiled cops might as well be tree surgeons. Even the go-to Asiatic badasses -- samurai, ninja and kung-fu masters -- need much more than bushido, ninjustsu and the Mantis Fist to turn heads.

Gimmick after grim gimmick piles up, and last year's over-the-top asskicker looks like a 19th-century gentleman pugilist this season.

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ISA_Scum4223d ago

I'll say this: Ninja Gaiden Sigma took it one step too far. Though a terrific game on it's own rights, it starts to almost dive into the realm of cheapness with the AI. It comes off fairly shoddy having an obviously overpowered AI system acting as the determining difficulty factor rather than an advanced intelligence system. All they did with that game is make the AI too fast, too strong and too good at blocking instead of actually having them THINK about how to approach/surround you and try and to time their own attacks to you. YOU are the only one at burden in that game. It's up to you and you alone to time everything PERFECTLY, while the AI just kinda does as it pleases.

Games like that are where difficulty is no longer a part of a game's fun factor. It only makes the experience that much more frustrating. I appreciate games like Uncharted or Jak 2, that are hard and yet FUN hard. Then there are other games like Lost Planet that just own you when ever they feel like it with that STUPID stumbling animation Wayne does. It happens too often and gives the AI too much of an advantage. That's the type of crap that must stop in the difficulty one-upmanship that exists in gaming.

Harry1904223d ago

article.what was his point.
yeah.let's all play as bozo the clown.

blynx1824223d ago

Most of these companies are too caught up in selling to the same userbase or interest group... They all should be aware of what could potentially happen if they all try to imitate each other: SATURATION. In a way, its like the current state of hip hop..