Aliens: Colonial Marines tester spills the beans: "SEGA were well aware the game sucks"

DSOGaming writes: "Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the title that will surpass Duke Nukem Forever. Yes, it wasn’t under development for as much time as 3D Realms’ FPS was, however it turned out to be just as bad as Duke’s latest adventures were. And ironically, it will keep us busy for a long time. A tester of Aliens: Colonial Marines has started an AMA on Reddit and according to the moderators of the sub-reddit /r/Games, this is a valid tester of Aliens: Colonial Marines. In other words, no, this is not someone trolling or someone faking just for the heck of it."



The tester has deleted his Reddit account. This was either in order to avoid getting sued by SEGA and Gearbox or because there was something 'wrong' with it. Moderators verified this user's claims, so for now we can take their word on this.

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NYC_Gamer2842d ago

It's both Gearbox & Sega fault for releasing a game that is outdated and broken

zerocrossing2842d ago

No matter what way you look at it we were lied to and that is not acceptable.

aCasualGamer2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

So both Randy Pitchford and SEGA lied to their customers, surprise surprise...

I'm still at an awe that gamecompanies can market their games with those "gameplay" demos and then come out with a product that's a mere tenth of that demo interms of quality.

There are DISTINCT differences interms of both artstyle and technical resources used in the final game and gameplay demo.

It doesn't matter how you turn it or twist it, both of those companies lied to us. I will never touch another game Randy Pitchford is involved with or SEGA publishes.

Think of those who bought the game expecting an extension of that gameplay demo.

knowyourstuff2841d ago

I don't doubt any of these claims from this tester, they all line up with the reality that the demo was indeed way better looking and playing than the final game, and the fact that the game was indeed sh*t, regardless of what Gearbox and Sega say about it. It doesn't surprise that the same people responsible for the trash can that was Duke Nukem Forever, claiming it really wasn't that bad a game, are also doing the same here. I mean come on people, you don't even need to read between the lines, it's right in front of your face.


The game is underrated. I understand completely that the game isn't what Gearbox hyped it up to be. That doesn't mean the game should be rated lower due to a disappointment.

I feel the game delivered on many other fronts. I think where they underdelivered is the lighting effects and some key moments expected to be relived from the movies. As it stands I think it's a 9 or 10 for most Aliens movie fanatics wanting a video game representation.

Irishguy952841d ago



This is a disgrace to the Alien franchise. Still shocked Gearbox ****ed up on a chance like this. This game would sell like hot cakes if it was good. And by the looks of it, it'll sell like hot cakes even the way it is. Because of people like you...Gearbox will get away with ****ing over everyone. Jesus gamers really are the worst consumers.(Call of Duty being another example)

JustInTlME2841d ago

Aceman is NUTS lol. Game was the worst thing I've ever played. Not sure it was worth the .85 cents I paid at redbox...

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Dark112842d ago

People should not buy any games from Gearbox , not even Borderlands 3

that will teach them a lesson.

ironfist922842d ago

Im still keen for BL3 regardless

zerocrossing2841d ago


But what kind of message would that send to Gearbox?

It's OK to blatantly lie and mislead your consumers by showing a Demo with what appears to be gameplay footage but is in fact entirely scripted and not representative of the final product, so long as you make a decent game every now and then?

Personally that's it for me, I'm done, Im not buying a game from Gearbox again until they apologise and redeem themselves.

Lvl_up_gamer2841d ago

@ zerocrossing

How about voicing your opinion with your wallet and not buy bad games? That way you can still buy good gams.

Why so extreme with not buying any future games from gearbox? Pretty stupid and childish if you ask me.

zerocrossing2841d ago


You can call it childish if you want but they really disappointed me with Duke Nukem and now ACM.

If the rumours are true then what they did borders on criminal, Im not about supporting devs who are under handed and mislead consumers.

The way I see it I'll have more cash to spend on genuinely worth while games instead.

MidnytRain2841d ago

That's stupid. You're supposed to skip the bad games and BUY the good games. That way you encourage them to make GOOD games.

RememberThe3572841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

What about this for an idea; We buy the products that are good from Gearbox and we don't buy the products that are bad. I think that sends them a much clearer image that we want quality and that's all we'll be willing to pay for.

hulk_bash19872841d ago

Gearbox and Sega are officially dead to me. I wasn't too excited for the game myself, but as a gamer I find this kind of thing unacceptable. For them to have lied and tried to take advantage of people like that is disrespectful. When I saw the tech demo comparison to the final game, the differences were mind-boggling.

NeoTribe2841d ago

Right... Lets destroy an amazing title like borderlands just because we didnt like a different game that same company made. Grow up.

Tapioca Cold2841d ago

What are you talking about? gamers can't do that. We get fed crap games, half finished all the time. We always just throw our money at these guys and never object.

It still baffles me that people pay for xbox live.

Imalwaysright2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

What is stupid is how this industry gets away with shit like this. How the hell does the industry get away with false advertisement? Sony with Killzone, MS with kinect, Bioware with Mass Effect, bullshots... and now this. It's baffling to me how this industry gets away with all kinds of shit. The industry doesn't need us skipping one game from one company, the industry severely needs another crash.

zerocrossing2841d ago

I understand what you are all saying voting with your wallet is a sound practice, but we're not talking about a good and a bad game coming from 2 individual companies, if Gearbox pulled this crap twice already what's going to stop them from doing it again? a change of conscience? Not bloody likely.

Until we, the fans get a formal apology, I see no reason to support Gearbox. If you enjoy Border Lands that's fine, but don't expect the rest of us to support a dev team well known now for lying and misleading there consumers and not having the decency to come clean or make the guilty party take the fall for it.

mynameisEvil2841d ago

Man, a good console crash could be exactly what we need.

If any company wanted to do well in it, there'd be no choice BUT to be nice little pro-consumer "good guys." At least until the industry built itself back up and they'd forget why they were successful during the crash. :P

Honestly, though, some of the terrible business practices need to end. A lot of this crap includes things that should've been in the base friggin' game or never should've existed at all (like the DLC for Dead Space 3's scavenger bot).

People are kind of pathetic. "Buy the good games, though!" - People who don't care when they get screwed over.

Whatever, I'm with you and whoever else that isn't' buying from Gearbox until they've apologized and explained. The other people can buy games that rip them off in the future if they want. *shrugs*

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camel_toad2842d ago

True. Luckily for me Steam refunded my pre-order of the game but it sounds to me like Gearbox/Sega knew they were selling people a complete and total piece of garbage.

It would and will never happen but I think they should give owners of the piece of trash a full game credit.

Complete consumer robbery.

TheRacingX2841d ago

At the very least, make gearbox go back and patch and fix this game, put in the lighting, high res textures, add DLC to the single player that adds or put back those levels we thought we'd play. Too bad if it costs them $$$ to do it, they shouldn't have used the $$ from Sega to make Borderlands 2, they should have given us the game we thought we were going to play.

Root2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

They shouldn't of taken so many projects on at once

They had Borderlands 2 on their plate, they should of stuck with that. Duke Nukem and Aliens should of waited

Hell they didn't even do the B2 DLC, they outsourced them which is why they probably weren't as good as the the first games DLC.

They should of focused on Borderlands, it's their main attraction. They should of done the DLCs aswell themselves.

Hopefully BL3 is on its way

If the Wii U Version is the worst version then wow....the thing which Gearbox praised the Wii U for is the worst version. I knew it seemed strange Gearbox being a bit suck up like towards the Wii U and Nintendo before the console launched...they wanted the worst version to sell more

ironfist922842d ago

*should've/should have

not should of

Legion212841d ago

Aliens was in development before the first borderlands even released. Maybe they shouldn't have lied or they just should have delayed the game till it was as good as the product they showed off.

2841d ago
Tzuno2841d ago

They just care about the money. F them with their game.

Majors2841d ago

This proves that we need a seperate company to play and rate these games independantly and then issue them with a RRP. This way developers will get sick of dishing out games which fall into the £20 bracket and will up their game to get into the £40 AA bracket.
There are way too many £40 games being released which are only worth £25 max and this system will weed them out.

IRetrouk2841d ago

I see where you are coming from and would love a system like that, but i think you would still get the problems we get now, dodgy or paid for reviews, overhyping would still happen, games would be put in the wrong pricing bracket and we would still end up reading articles like this.

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YoungPlex2842d ago

"The tester claims that Gearbox used the money they got for Aliens: Colonial Marines on Borderlands 2."

Looks like Gearbox pulled a fast one, what a shame; the demo really looked promising too. I'm quite shocked and disappointed on how Gearbox handled this game!

rainslacker2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

If true that pretty much constitutes fraud.

I'd honestly be surprised if a tester in a game company would be privy to such information. It's highly unlikely the higher ups would ever discuss it outside of a higher-ups meeting, as you constitutes fraud, and the more people that know about it the more likely you are to get your ass handed to you in court. On top of that when you deal with the kind of money needed to produce a game, every dime has to be accounted for, and no doubt Sega would have taken notice if a significant amount of money suddenly went missing.

As far as Sega knowing it was a bad game...of course they did. They would have played it and seen it's progress. All the bugs would have been well documented, and the company itself knows about a thousand bugs that the consumer would never notice. Sega wanted the game released, and for whatever reason the game itself never got fixed before it went gold. It's not that uncommon in the industry, it's just not very common for big publishers to allow it.

VverdugovV2841d ago

I hope the tester is legit because he had some good things to say about the other Alien game developed by Creative Asembly and the PS4.

"we are making the new alien game with creative asembly who make total war. That game looks amazing. Very dark, very slow paced (in a good way). The textures and lighting look really really good. I've seen it running on a PC. The PS4 dev kit looks like a computer. It looks so good rif not better running as any super high end PC. We did not have those controllers, but they look like what was promised."

Veneno2841d ago

Ive been a tester for a major publisher. Testers don't have access to any kind of information like this. They are pions. The lowest of the low. This "information" the tester knows is total bullshyt. Im sure it was speculated and most likely true, but testers have zero first hand knowledge of this kind of stuff.

And also, who cares? Shitty game is shitty. Dont buy it and move on. No need for this "boycott Gearbox" movement. If they keep thismkind of behavior up, they will eventually sink themselves like THQ.

konnerbllb2841d ago

If I were a game developer wanting to air dirty laundry I would go on reddit and claim I was a game tester.

xyxzor2841d ago

This isn't true. Testers depending on how the company is structured are the "Middle Men". They know all the BS production and development do and often hear how poorly management handles things often from Senior Producers themselves. Unfortunately for them, they are also the first people to get the boot when things go south. I would know, because I am one.

MysticStrummer2842d ago

Interesting read. I like what he says about the other Aliens game in the works. As for SEGA's involvement, that was the main reason I didn't have high expectations for the game. I didn't want it until I saw it in action, not the E3 demo everyone else has their panties in a wad over, but the IGN livestream a week or so before release. It was obvious from the livestream that A:CM was a very basic shooter, in many ways mediocre, that nevertheless had good to great Aliens atmosphere, so I bought it. Those low expectations helped me to enjoy the game more than many did.

chasegarcia2842d ago

Sega is the publisher. This is mostly Gearbox fault.

MysticStrummer2842d ago

Yet when EA publishes a game people have no problem blaming them for whatever. In this case the publisher apparently knew the game wasn't going to be well received and they put it out anyway. You're saying they get no blame?

Legion212841d ago

@MysticStrummer EA gets blamed for things like rushing games, or policies such as day one dlc and online passes. Sega didn't rush this game it's been in development for more than 6 years, this is gearbox's fault for not delivering, they had ample time. Even if they didn't they shouldn't have showed off a product that wasn't what the consumers were going to get.

rainslacker2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Sega, being the publisher, is ultimately responsible for what they release. Publishers do not just give a butt-load of money to a developer and say "go at it". They are involved with the project from start to finish. Publishers are the ones that set deadlines and milestones. They are the ones that have the ultimate authority on how the funds are used. And they are the ones that are responsible for giving the go ahead to release the game.

Gearbox's part was only enabled by Sega. If GB was doing a crappy job then it was up to Sega to fix it, either by demanding that GB do so, or finding another developer who could produce a quality product.

I'm not saying that this isn't also on GB, just that it isn't solely on them.

Megaton2842d ago

"The tester has also revealed that the E3 demo was never part of the actual game and what was showcased was not from Unreal Engine 3."

Wonder if there's a legal case to make against them for that. Something along the lines of bait and switch.

CommonSenseGamer2842d ago

Doubtful. Otherwise Sony would have been done for Killzone 2 footage and MS over that whole Milo incident.

Megaton2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

Not quite the same thing.

The Sony employee who said the Killzone 2 target CGI was in-game misspoke and corrected himself at the same E3. Guerilla Games did not try to hide anything.

Milo never released to the public. You could argue Microsoft has been incredibly deceptive with other Kinect titles, though, as they always fake the stage demos with pre-recorded footage, but at least with that it's still in-game footage.

With Aliens, they knowingly paraded around something that would never make it into the game under the guise of in-game footage.

AKS2842d ago

Killzone 2 still ended up looking very impressive even if it didn't match the "target footage."

Aliens: CM on the other hand looks quite bad. By PC standards, the final product looks like it was made nearly a decade ago.

SilentNegotiator2842d ago

1) It was public knowledge that the KZ2 target footage was CGI WAY before Killzone 2 actually released.

2) Milo never actually released in any way. That is not the same situation.

aliengmr2841d ago

It was pretty obvious KZ2 was CGI. The ACM demo made it look as though it was being played real-time.

With ACM, you are led to believe that what you are seeing is what the final version will look like.

jmc88882841d ago

The other thing that makes the Gearbox look so bad is that the demo had a disclaimer SAYING it was 100 percent in game footage.

You really can't get around that. It wasn't someone speaking or from an article but a disclaimer stating it was in the video.

TheDivine2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

And Sony with Resistance BS. The demo they showed to sell the game wasn't even in the game either. It was a cool section and then the game was uglier, boring, watered down exc. I kept waiting for it to get good like what I saw but it never did. Total bait and switch.

This is just a shame though. This could've been one of my favorite games. Add atmosphere, horror, basically make dead space with aliens and my childhood dreams of living in Alien wouldve come true. Shitty games won't suffice for my fantasies.

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jagstar442842d ago

I was so convinced this game was going to be there some sort of curse surrounding movie tie in games.

Hufandpuf2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

No, just liars and bad games.

The recipe for money grab companies.