Are you ready for Ultimate Mortal Kombat?

A press statement released today by arcade giants Midway about their upcoming PS2 title Mortal Combat: Armageddon also slipped in a line that we should be seeing UMK3 on our Live Marketplace in November!

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JPomper5898d ago

While I'm really excited for this game, as I LOVE 2d Mortal Kombat... there's that little thing of the d-pad on the 360 controller SUCKING @SS. I doubt it'll feel like MK Trilogy on the N64

likeaboss3025898d ago

Bring it on sucky dpad or not!

THAMMER15898d ago


kewlkat0075898d ago

The D-pad stinks on the 360 controller. I love fighting games and I rather a PS2 controller for them. I think MK 2 was the best one out of the bunch. This one and trilogy was the sh!t. I don't think ultimate came on any console though. Anybody knows if there is a PS2 controller adaptor for the 360? I had one for my Xbox, and purchased it from lik-sang.

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