Grateful Dead Rock Band DLC Announced

Guitar Hero III gives us No Doubt the week we get NIN in Rock Band and now Harmonix is upping the ante yet again. Next week, Rock Band owners will get the Grateful Dead pack.

It will run $9.99 / 800 Points ($1.99 or 160 points seperately) and feature 6 tracks from the Dead. Check out the source to see which songs will be in the pack.

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TheWickedOne4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

It's funny how GH3 "Legends of Rock" has DLC like No Doubt and crap like that. Rock Band does have the better DLC. I would buy it if I had the extra money, but I'm stuck playing GH3 for now.

GodsHand4188d ago

True, activision drop the axe on guitar hero.

GodsHand4188d ago

Does Gerry Garcia come in a pouch, with the purchase of this DLC?