Burnout & Need For Speed Developer Praises Both The Wii U And Nintendo

'This was Criterion's Alex Ward, the developer of a game studio that pushes gaming hardware to the brink and that hasn't made a game for Nintendo in 10 years. He was saying nothing but glowing things about the Wii U.'

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YoloSwag3379d ago

Is it possible that this community actually praises Nintendo for once? (I think not)

dangert123379d ago

Seems to me like galaxy 2 got a lot of love round here? or is it just me?

PopRocks3593379d ago

Not really. I'm convinced that a portion of the community loves to hate Nintendo. It's always the same people who make the exact same complaints and assessments about how bad the company and its endeavors are.

Wintersun6163379d ago


Fans =/= fanboys.

Write that down.

xursz3379d ago

Fanboys aren't the entire community even though they're loud enough to make you think so. Just like the ones who hate in every Nint. article there's a few who show up in every PS and xbox articles too.

I can probably count the loud ones with my fingers.

But really, I cannot believe you guys bubbled DA_SHREDDER for "trolling". He's a legit Wiiu owner who likes the system but wishes it had new and better games. He has like 70,000 comment points or whatever they're called.

thorstein3379d ago

Well I can definitely see the potential of the Wii U controller for racing games.

DA_SHREDDER3379d ago

I love my WiiU, I just need some games now.

TongkatAli3379d ago

I might buy this again. I have it on the Vita, Criterion are quality devs.

mcstorm3379d ago

I was just thinking the Same thing. I love the psv version but the Wiiu version sounds interesting.

TongkatAli3379d ago

Yo, whats not to love, you feel like Paul Walker from the Fast In Furious playing these types of games : D

mcstorm3379d ago

That true but I decided that the console game I would get before Xmas was forza horizon and I have to say I think I made the right choice that game is my racing game of the year but I do like the nfs and ide like to see what a game like this was like on the Wiiu.

truechainz3379d ago

It is nice to hear honest positivity about the Wii U. But aside from that this dev also talks about how people don't know how to just have fun with games anymore. It is a shame that we can settle for interactive movies over games that at their core are all about fun.

wiium643379d ago

i totally agree with what they are saying, it is nice to hear from game developers whose main concern is not graphics, i cannot wait to get this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.