42 Level One - Metal Gear Rising Full Game Review

Ali from 42 level one nabbed a promo copy of Metal Gear Rising!! Is it up to scratch?? Find out here!!!

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DEEBO2068d ago

no reviews are going to stop me from owning this game.

Kanzes2068d ago

80+ is a good score, at least it's not 5 or 6 :)

Reverent2068d ago

Great score, but that is a seriously weird scale.

Chucky20032068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

of course they did,its a Japanese magazine,i played the game reached the final boss and i quited cause i got frustrated,what i like about the game is the gameplay,but i hated the story and its retarded dialogs ,the visuals aren't that great,and the levels always look too empty,but if you don't care about these,the game can be fun

WolfLeBlack2068d ago

God, that was a painful read. And if the author reads this, yes it's explained why Raiden has a canine companion.

I've also got to wonder, by nabbed a promo copy do they mean a promo review copy from Konami, because if so embargo on the review ain't lifted yet.... ;)

If they just managed to get an early copy, congrats.

I'm enjoying my time with the game, but sadly NDA form means I can't get away with saying too much :(

42LevelOne2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

Thanks for the opinion ! And I said little to no explanation meaning I felt it wasn't explained enough, sorry for the confusion (and no my copy isn't a promo review copy so I was free to write this) also completed the game in 4 hours 13 minutes (gameplay time) 3 hours of cutscenes on top of it don't make it a 7 hours long game! Ali

WolfLeBlack2068d ago

I felt it was pretty clear, but I suppose it was possible to miss it.

To expand, your review comes off as rather vague about many things. Combat is the focus off the game with a fairly deep system, but you don't really delve into it as much as you perhaps should.

Also, how did you feel about the writing, acting etc?

You tend to describe aspects of the game, but don't really comment on whether you though they worked well or not. For example, you describe the combat, but don't mention if you felt the mechanics worked well, if it was fluid, deep, fun. etc

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm far from having a go at you. Hats off on the review :)

sdozzo2068d ago

Let's leave the reviewing to the pros buddy.

crimsonfox2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

idk WolfLeBlack. this review was pretty bad. I was contemplating throwing my phone, especially when "Alister" (the author) writes crap like " I avoided" yousuck at reviews. If you did get paid for writing it, hopefully you don't get paid much.

42LevelOne2068d ago

To describe major highlights of the acting/writing/plot would of meant potential spoilers I felt...perhaps you are correct in the lack of my explanations on mechanics etc...comment taken on board. Ali

WolfLeBlack2068d ago

Not really. You don't have to describe specific moments during the games plot to provide insight into what you thought of the quality of writing etc.

delboy2068d ago (Edited 2068d ago )

I'm playing it right now, overall is a OK game,but nothing special.
Not worth day one buy, unless you're a fan of mg series.
If you're not in to metal gear and paid full price you could be disappointed.
Vanquish is a much better game with overall better game mechanics.

carreirabr2068d ago

Well, Vanquish is a Shinji Mikami´s game. MGR-R is not. That's the point.

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