Messiah Entertainment to release PS3 triggers in NA

Some of you may have heard about Giotech's L2+R2 trigger attachments for the PlayStation 3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3 that came packaged with copies of PSM3 in Europe. However, if you live in North America, you're aware that retailers aren't often found that carry this specific magazine. Messiah Entertainment realizes this and has begun pre-orders on a trigger set of their own that are very comparable to those brought to you by Giotech.

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Exhaust4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Never noticed the issue with the L2/R2 triggers on PS3 until I bought Burnout Paradise. The way the trigger is shaped your finger wants to slip off when holding the gas down for long periods of time. Sucks

sonarus4192d ago

yea its slightly better on the dualshock 3 in my opinion. It will sell for 10 bucks so i will try it out.

Kleptic4192d ago

I agree...personally I don't care for triggers at all, especially considering the DS2, sixaxis, and DS3 are all fully analog for all the buttons (save start and select)...

but yeah...Motorstorm had that problem would start to slip off the R2 button...and they are worthless for shooting (same problem for me with the 360...analog triggers like that do not behave like a 'real' trigger) don't need play in the button to fire a gun...its instant...triggers in a real gun still have a sear that is breached at some point, and most people commenting on the best triggers having very little play...nicknaming the M16's as the 'kill button'...thats how it should stay in video games for shooters...I much prefer using R1 as a fire button than a silly trigger that has unnecassary play for no reason...

but yeah, driving games, in which you need to manipulate the throttle effectively...a trigger is a good idea...the sixaxis/DS3 falls relatively short of that though...

sonarus4192d ago

agreed games where you are holding down R2/L2/triggers a lot such as racing and shooters triggers could go a long way. Frankly i really don't care between the two. I usually adjust to the controls just fine so if its R2 or R1 for shoot i'm not affected by much but the triggers are way more comfortable in this regard

Exhaust4192d ago

No idea why they would have made the R2/L2 triggers convex rather than concave. Real triggers are concave for this very reason... harder for your finger to slip off.

gonzopia4192d ago

Seriously. You can't tell me it costs more than $1 to manufacture these things. I'd even be willing to pay $4 or $5 for them, but $10?

Armyless4192d ago

Apparently some people think my fingers DONT'T slip off the R2 L2 triggers.

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Superiorrior4192d ago

I've never had any issues ever with the triggers, but I certainly give these a try since they're only $10.

TitanUp4192d ago

i dont slip from r2 i slip on l2

SIX4192d ago

I say Sony should just re do the controller with this in mind.

RAF-TECH4192d ago

fingers do slip on the R2/L2 triggs.

sony should fix this quick times.. i'm sure it's no biggie for them.

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The story is too old to be commented.