It's Shocking, We're Pissed, Wii Fit Sorta Works

Wii Fit kinda works. It's based on time-trued exercises. Stuff like doing sit-ups, push-ups and jogging. Its a way to exercise with a little bit of fun into it. For the past month, Wii Fit isn't something that works right away. It may take week or months to actually see results.

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Adriokor4009d ago

That might be a good reason to buy one since my lazy ass has stopped going to the gym lately haha.

OldGamer4009d ago

My god. If this is the kind of inspiration people need to get up off their asses and really exercise, then humanity is doomed.

It's real simple. If you're unhappy with your weight or your body, get up and exercise, run, walk, work out, go to a gym, or play sports, and eat healtier foods. That's it. Nothing more. Game over.

As the group Public Enemy once said, "Don't believe the hype!"

Kuest4009d ago

For centuries upon centuries, we humans have b#tched and moaned over our own bungles and lemons- weaknesses that, for all practical purposes, could have been amended by just the smallest of will power.

The truth is, however, that such hypocrisy has inspired the internet, the automobile, the rocket ship... As such, I think it would be unwise to crticize nintendo for merely capitalizing on mankind's instinctual drive- the need to get thin, for instance.

To conclude, humanity is not doomed- it is merely rotating. Remember, we all need our own little, rocket ship; and logic does not matter within the dark reaches of space. So, let the cosnumer and Nintendo be.

ChickeyCantor4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

people also game to escape from this boring world....right?
some people need to be motivated by " fun ". I'm not getting wii fit, and nintendo said its not meant to make you slim......but i do remember how lame it got after a half an hour being in the gym...

killer_trap4009d ago

try finding a sport you like that involves some movement, like basketball or football or anything like it. i know how tedious going to the gym gets. i always get a 6 month subscription and end up going a month or to. but i'm a really fit guy cause i play soccer at least five times a week for a 2 hour duration. i'm not saying i'm good i'm just saying i enjoy it thats why i keep at it.

to everyone. you're really missing a lot if you're not into any kind of sport. and no golf, bowling, table games are not sports they are games and there's not much effort into them, just talent.

RecSpec4009d ago

Can you go to your gym in your boxers? Or, god forbid, nude?
That is the Wii Fit advantage.

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deeznuts4009d ago

Great for those that like it. I'd personally rather ride a bike or elliptical (or other) while playing a game, but even that wouldn't work too well. I just hit my local gym 3-4 times a week.

But if this gets anyone to get off their lazy butt intead of going to the gym, I'm all for it.

fenderputty4009d ago

for someone who hates working out or running, this is the perfect thing. Who cares if it's a game that brings someone to sweat as long as their working off all that poundage.

darkside4009d ago

well why would they be piss about Wii Fit it's a gimmick. If they want to get in shape go to the GYM. It's better at the Gym because while your getting into shape. you can check out all the HOT ladies do the same thing :P

OldGamer4009d ago

Exactly what i've been saying for a long time.

ChickeyCantor4009d ago

Nintendo said its not going to make you " fit" its meant to make people aware of their body weight and health!


thats why there fat , they dont like to get out of the house..... this is crap serioulsy , yeah it looks cool to show of to some nut..but seriously...i mean seriously...

PS360WII4009d ago

hey what can you do. Some people can workout on their own some need a personal trainer telling them what to do. Seeing that they are costly why not a one time purchase of WiiFit

deeznuts4009d ago

As long as they use the Wii Fit. You still have to use it, just like that treadmill or elliptical sitting on the side of millions homes, unused lol.

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