Apple presents biggest threat to home consoles, say game luminaries

Yahoo Games: Two video game VIPs are cautioning that the company could have a much larger and potentially devastating impact on the home console market.

Valve Software co-founder Gabe Newell and Nat Brown, who was one of the first engineers on Microsoft's Xbox project, have issued warnings about Apple's potential threat. The alerts come amid analyst speculation that Apple may hold an Apple TV-related special event next month.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt3871d ago

Listen home consoles will always be around, games made for PS/Xbox will never be outdone by games on iOS.. Plus i think next gen we will see alot of iOS/andriod games on the PSN and xbox live... maybe thats why Sony is going with a touchpad type of controller.. think about temple run on PSN being played with the touch pad DS4? =)

P.S. console will never die or be in danger.. and idk why ppl would want it to die?? we just have to keep supporting the great games we have on these consoles.. bcuz GTA/FIFA/Madden/COD. most genres for me are not fun with touch controlled and it just doesnt feel the same.

PhantomT14123870d ago

I agree, for me it's two different markets.

adorie3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I've been following Apple for the last 6 months.
I'm not business savvy, but I'm intelligent enough to see common sense.

As we know Apple is sitting on 10's of billions.
We know their line-up has started to stagnate
We know their share price has devalued

Some interesting people within the industry(gaming) have come out and expressed concerns about Apple legitimately joining the industry, just to ruin it(subjectivity)

What am I getting at here?
Apple has been getting aggressive, towards their competitiors and within their own company.
Should Apple decide this industry is something they want to expand towards, then we're in for things we probably won't like.

People here are too complacent with how things are or were.. all the back-patting and reassurance doesn't mean squat to the tune of 65+ billion in cash.

I'll probably get disagrees, and that's ok. But even I can see them as a threat to what people call "The Big 3"

nirwanda3870d ago

I think the biggest threat to apple is Nvidea, if all the new android smart phones adopt the new chip then you have a stable standard games can be based around.

DeadlyFire3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

I think personally Apple has a chance to destroy the Android gaming consoles coming up with their setup with Apple TV. Its a small box under $100 bucks at $99. It has no more power than Ouya(12 Gflop max) or it would cost more. Cloud gaming on it could happen, but its not 100% with bandwidth still a large concern for that.

panbit863871d ago

Yeah right... because angry birds and fruit ninja is the "future" of gaming! wtf?!

CommonSenseGamer3870d ago

Yeah, cause smartphone and tablet gaming is all about angry birds.

My prediction is that both the next box and ps4 will sell less than their predecessors. Why? Because casual gamers are needed to ensure consoles sell ongoing. Those casual gamers have more and more options for gaming in the years ahead.

classic2003870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Actually casual got many choices for a while now and it as not stop console or even PC steam sales lol.

You make it sound like casual gamers care what is out there, if they did care then they would have joined forces with the nintendo fans and get some wiiu dont you think.

Zynga don't look too good also

Hicken3870d ago

Actually, that's just about right.

The majority of smartphone gaming is simple little stuff like Doodle Jump. That's not sufficient enough to sustain the gaming industry. Hell, the casual market, period, isn't enough. It's caused a large boom in growth, but there are ONLY two options for the casual crowd:

Give up and move on to something else the same way they moved into gaming,


Become core gamers, and want more than just little time wasters.

The large number of casual gamers WILL NOT sustain the industry, because their interest is only casual. It's passing, not serious, and not something you should ever rely on for any lengthy period of time.

Casual gamers HAVEN'T been needed thus far; why are they suddenly needed now? To keep up the same level of sales we've been seeing? It's called a "bubble" for a reason.

YOU hope casual gaming becomes bigger, because it's all YOU want to play. Casual gaming has its place, but it's not as a major influential factor in the industry.


MaxXAttaxX3870d ago

You're totally right. That mobile Mass Effect Infiltrator game is so much better than the console/PC games.

CommonSenseGamer3870d ago


So many discount touch screen gaming as nothing but casual. 2 years ago would you even have thought ME: Infiltrator would have been possible on a smartphone/tablet. Sure you were being sarcastic but smartphone/tablet gaming is evolving fast. Next gen mobile hardware will eclipse what the devices can do today and so open the door to even more possibilities.

Smartphone/tablet gaming may have originated from a truly casual background but that's no longer the case.

I'll bet if Sony opened the Vita to the Play Store that Vita owners would embrace it, not just for the games but for the many apps now available.

MaxXAttaxX3870d ago

Not the point. I'm not doubting the success of mobile.
It doesn't matter how better the graphics. You can have any major franchise name on mobile, like Mass Effect for example, but it won't be as good.

Get it through your heads. A touchscreen alone is extremely limiting for gaming. And this isn't about apps.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3870d ago

If they made a console they would just attract all the casual gamers.

RTheRebel3870d ago

so apple is releasing another apple tv?
and that is gonna be sort of like there console version?
someone explain =)