Resistance 'Sniper' gameplay

New Resistance footage. New levels and weapons.

D R Fz6347d ago

That was Amazing. The environments were unbelievable and the gameplay was breath-taking. I hope the online play is nothing short of an excellent online experience.

D R Fz6347d ago

I sure wish that there was as many ps3 fans on this website as there are 360. It just seems that so many ps3 haters come to this site to reak havoc on the ps3 fans. It was one of the reasons i decided to become a member, so that i could help balance things out a bit and rightfully defend the ps3. But until the tangible truth comes out on nov. 17, the 360 fans will continue to bash any good news about the ps3.


was the action fast or what ... the game looks like nothing new to me too .. but the weapons and the fast non stoping action ... is something that i liked about this game

Scythesean6347d ago

But to me it's pretty dam close, I must say for a launch title that is badaa$. I haven't seen anything that looks this sweet out yet. I'm not comparing this to GOW because it's not a TPS but this looks better then any other FPS that I've seen.

ASSASSYN 36o6347d ago

I am curious what was the rectangle mesh wall that kept showing up...why were the bushes 2D in a 50 gb game...and are their any vehicles? And what on-line play? The one with 40 players...that they have yet to show almost less than a month away.

OC_MurphysLaw6347d ago

I am not hear to totally bash this game, because I certainly think it looks fun enough...but I just don't see where all the hype is coming from over this game. It reminds me completely of Call of Duty 2 just substitute Nazi's for Aliens and give some different weapons. As for the enviornments...they were nice, and definitely showed some nice detail...but I just wasn't awe struck like so many other people seem to be.

I hope I am wrong...I hope this game turns out to be great and that what I have seen is not what the whole game is like. I really want to like this game, cause it was one of my reasons to contemplate getting a PS3.

Arkham6347d ago

That was a shield weapon that's been mentioned as being one of the alien-tech weapons you can use.