UK retailer slashes Wii U price

"UK retailer ShopTo have slashed the price of the Basic 8 GB Wii U set from £249 to £199. The Premium pack still retails for £299 and includes a copy of Nintendo Land, 32 GB of storage, and some accessories as well."

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miyamoto2074d ago

its the low storage GB that keeps people away like in PS Vita

MasterCornholio2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

But consoles need more GBs of space than handhelds so in this case having only 8GB of internal memory in a console is extremely bad. This reminds me of the arcade 360 with only 4GBs of memory or the new PS3 super slim with 12GBs of memory.

Nintendo should have good with a standard HD configuration and let the costumer upgrade the drive whenever they want (like the HD in the PS3).

miyamoto2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

look at smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop pcs
on your flyers. they state the storage capacity on all of them

consoles and handheld should be no different

people look at the GB capacity as very important deciding factor nowadays

in the flyers alone
one looks at new Wii U ... "Oh! 32 GB at $350...great!"

and turn to next page sees "PS3 500 GB at $300 plus bonus game and PS+ Instant Game Collection.... What!"

GenericNameHere2074d ago

Now that you say it that way, that PS3 bundle is sounding EXTREMELY GREAT! What if you were a first time gamer? Would you want a Wii U that has the Mario and the Zeldas and the quirky 1st/3rd-party party games, and a few great 3rd-party games, or the console that's been out for almost 7 years so it has a HUGE backlog of games, over 15x the GB capacity of the biggest Wii U, costs the same as an 8gb Wii but less than the 32 GB, and also comes with a code for a year of PS+? Sure, you may not like all the games in the PS+ instant game collection, but it's just like Steam. People buy a whole bunch of cheap games that they'll never play, but will still buy them anyways and still be happy with the purchase.

Tei7772074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Theres nothing wrong with a low end model like the 8GB. But the premium version is terrible, 32GB is about as useful as 8GB in a home console.

people will say "oh, but you can buy your own HDD"...I think the majority of consumers prefer an all in one solution and the thought of having to buy a Wii U and the spend another £50 on HDD (which is mandatory cost for many, similar to the vita's memory) is very annoying. So in actuality the Wii U isn't £299, its £349, and you now have a system which is beginning to approach the ps3's cost at launch. And I know for that additional £50 you could probably get as much space as you want (in expense of the HDD's casing+speed quality) but I don't want 1TB, I want a reasonable 250GB and I don't want it hanging off my game system either, I want it inside!

paul19742074d ago

ohh dear god!! the memory only matters if your downloading full games??? are you going to be downloading all your games or buying the game on disk?? 32mb is plenty for the latter for dlc or game updates! and HDD drive is not an issue as its cheaper then having to pay for more memory to come with the console which many if not most people are never going to use.

Tei7772074d ago


A combination of the 2 actually

Also I found that when I had my 20GB 360 I filled up all of that space simply with demos, updates and a few small downloadable titles. I don't like having to micro manage my memory just to ensure I don't out of space.

pompombrum2074d ago

Yeah the Vita especially has absolutely no excuses for it's no memory, other than a chance to rip off consumers with ridiculously high prices on memory cards. I think the Wii U's failures goes deeper than low storage though to be fair.

Cam9772074d ago

I can't wait, hopefully this will help Nintendo receive a boost before the next-gen is out.

PS4isKing_822074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

WiiU is lookin pretty bad right now in the face of the impending ps4 blitz.

decrypt2074d ago

Just a change of trends, most casuals are turning to handhelds like androids and apple products.

This is hurting consoles, as casuals alone were a very big market, much bigger than the hardcore.

FriedGoat2074d ago

It's good, because casuals are what made this gen one of the shittest in recent memory.

deadfrag2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

Its true;and its going to hurt every new console not just the Wii U and the Vita.The attach rate sale of the new xbox and PS4 will be just a little better than the Wii u,somepeople think that is just nintendo that is going to have a problems selling new Hardware but neither Sony or M$ will do much better at release either.All the new systems are going to be slow burners;and will only sale good depending of the games that will be avaiable during the life time;the economy we are living right now is very diferent from 7 years ago.Ubisoft stop development of beyond good and evil 2 after learning the price that a new console is going to have at release;and most of the games that are releasing with new consoles are sequels that make use of existing engines and cost less to develop.Well in sick of sequels i want new IPs and better gameplay,im pretty sure that there are other like myself that are going to wait to see whats coming before picking a new console,its not a matter of lacking money to buy them in my case for me its a matter of what new game experiencies im going to have next generations, im not picking sequel nº....that is the same shit i have already played this generation.Not to mention all the good games that are still coming this year for the PS3 and xbox 360,and my backlog..i really dont need to pick a new console at release anymore just for the sake of having the new tech right away,i use too but not anymore.

RTheRebel2074d ago

they need to make one bundle and drop price to 250$ or 300$

deadfrag2074d ago (Edited 2074d ago )

They need games,and those will come with time!Nintendo is not going to slash the price any time sooner,they will release bundles but price cuts order by them will not happen so soon.

sithsylar2074d ago

I feel like i want to keep saying dead man walking....

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