'Soulcalibur IV' (PS3/X360) Three New Characters Revealed - Screens

Swords will be honed and weapons optimized in Namco Bandai's Soulcalibur IV. Delivering new gameplay modes, characters and enhanced features with unprecedented 3D modeling and animation, Soulcalibur IV will be the definitive fighting game experience. - Via

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BloodySinner4662d ago

Who cares? Where the hell is Nightmare and Siegfried? Those my are characters.

destroyah4662d ago

Nightmare and Siegfried were revealed months ago.

BloodySinner4662d ago

But I want to see more images of them.

games4fun4662d ago

MITSURUGI all the way!!! as long as he is in the game it does not matter about the other characters

DFresh4662d ago

Nothing but goodness from this game and the PS3 version kicks ass all the way.
I've also heard rumors that their going to add Bobo Fett.
I also think they'll add add ons eventually on the PSN.

PS3 Bonus Characters:
Darth Vader (Star Wars)- Confirmed Exclusive!
Bobo Fett (Star Wars)
Kratos (God of War)
Heavenly Sword Chick
Ratchet & Clank
Jin (Tekken 6)
Snake (MGS4)
Dante (DMC4)

To be fair to everyone I'll announce a sweet line up of characters for the 360.

360 Bonus:
1.) Master Chief (Halo 3)
2.) Yoda (Star Wars)- 360 Exclusive!
3.) Big Daddy (Bioshock)
4.) Spawn
5.) Bobo Fett
That's all I can think of for 360 bonuses.

Whatever classic characters return and they look good.

PS3 Version rules.

Yi-Long4662d ago

... Altair (Assassin's Creed) as a character!? Could be awesome.

avacadosnorkel4662d ago

why are there now playstation characters in the game?

Star Wars is Star Wars. You could have easily made a list of people you would like to see in the game but it didn't have to be console specific. And if you did that, put more chicks in the game with big juggs because that's what Namco is doing and it might be more believable.

This sounds more like Smash Bros. rip off on PS3 and XBOX

Aleusia4661d ago

You forgot to add Cloud Strife and Sephiroth to the PS3 version.

DiabloRising4662d ago

I hope we get an excellent playable boss again, a la Abyss. Even if he is broken, its nice to be able to play as everyone that shows up IMHO.

PlayStation3604661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

NightTerror will make a return and playable this time! :D

Yi-Long4662d ago

I'm very happy that my favourite character from SC has now been confirmed, Kilik! :)

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