4 new Alone in the Dark screenshots

Atari published today 4 new Alone in The Dark screenshots. Enjoy.

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fenderputty4006d ago

those looks pretty good. They look like cutscences but, good non the less. The fire looked real nice

Laexerias4006d ago

Must Have. And i say it till the game was announced, why the hell does everyone first when the graphic has prooven etc. show reactions and say WOHOW COOL GAME!!
I hate such sh!t.

Bebedora4006d ago

Very interesting title. I'll be watching this closer when the reviews are coming in.

Coffin874006d ago

yeah me too, but when does this game actually come out???
anyone knows something?

FCOLitsjustagame4006d ago

Well gamespot currently has it listed as: week of 1 June 08
But then they had a release date for it last year too so what-can-you-do.