CheatCC Hands-On Preview: Secret Agent Clank - Clank Steals Spotlight

CheatCC writes: "Sony's PSP has proved a promising platform for sidekick-centric games; Jak, of the successful Sony first-party franchise Jak and Daxter, took the backseat to his better ottsel half with the aptly named portable hit, Daxter, back in early 2006. And this summer, Sony's other dazzling duo, Ratchet and Clank, will spin-off into the Clank-starring PSP action/platformer Secret Agent Clank. Fans of last year's console-rivaling PSP effort Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters will be happy to hear High Impact Games is once again in the developer's seat, and they plan on pulling out all the stops for bolt-collecting gamers. This includes sticking to the silly style and addictive gameplay formula the franchise is famous for, as well as adding plenty of new promising play mechanics. It also means utilizing additional playable heroes beyond the mini-metal sidekick, like the wrench-waving Lombax himself, as well as oversized annoyance Captain Quark. Still, this is mostly Clank's show, and we were happy to give him our full attention at this year's GDC. "

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