CheatCC Preview: Pure - A new kind of ATV racing game

CheatCC writes: "At first, you may not recognize development studio Black Rock. That's because the British company changed their name from Climax Studios after being bought by publisher Disney Interactive Studios in 2006. Climax was, of course, the racing professional that brought us titles such as MotoGP, Crash N' Burn, The Italian Job, and the past couple ATV Offroad Fury installments. Black Rock is now the official racing studio of Disney. When Black Rock first announced they were working on yet another ATV racing game, there was little to get excited about. Once you've played one, you've played them all, right? Not necessarily. Black Rock recognizes the redundancy of some ATV games and is promising a whole new experience with Pure - a game intended for people in need of a more arcade, less simulative ATV game with over-the-top stunts yet incredible realism in graphics. "

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