CheatCC Preview: Free Realms - Let's Be Free

CheatCC writes: "With so many different MMO games available, it's surprising there's not a better selection of all-ages oriented titles out there. Sure, the online gaming community has got you covered if you feel like battling rampaging hordes on the plains of Thu'Klor or hopping into a starship full of Wookies to cruise for bounty, but what about the younger players who may be less interested in tearing foes apart? Sony Online Entertainment is seeking to fill the gap with its upcoming MMO title Free Realms. The free online game is directed at engaging tween and teen audiences by immersing them in a humorous and upbeat fantasy world that de-emphasizes violent combat in favor of more social pursuits."

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QuackPot4007d ago

...for the casual gamer to pick up a Ps3 - Free Fun.

A pleasant break from the monotony of killing, bashing and destroying games.


...this is what HOME should have been.....a free multi-themed MMORPG with trophies, Pads and a portal to other games. I hope Sony is making it so.