Nintendo 1988 Inside Edition TV news report with Super Mario

This is an old clip of Inside Edition with an article about Nintendos big success in America. Filmed in 1988. This video has it all. Its got Howard Phillips in an interview, and even has a Nintendo game counselor, who has been featured in early issues of Nintendo Powers Q&A section.

ploody6265d ago

ha, cool, I enjoyed watching this

MetalNCarnet6264d ago

Nice vid. Fun to watch. The guy had trouble with Link'n Logs!?!?! OMG people in the 80's are stupid. I thought old people were dumb because of old age but I guess they were dumb even when they were young. LOL

ChickeyCantor6264d ago

what we play today.....was in that time for them. spoiled idiot :P

eepiccolo6264d ago

It looks like the spelled Howard Philips' name wrong. It only has one 'l', not two. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

MikeIsOnFire846263d ago

That clip was old school! Did anyone notice that the reporter at the end was a young Bill O'Riely?? He should have stuck to covering Nintendo...


Smash Creator Wanted Rumored Switch 2 Feature on GameCube

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai describes a feature he wanted about the GameCube controller that may appear on the rumored Switch 2.

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eagle211d 12h ago

It's a "scroll wheel" feature on the controller. Switch 2 rumored to have one.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 5h ago

Scroll wheel would be in line with nintendos uniqueness I find appealing imo.

Rainbowcookie22h ago

Just wish they would lower their prices after games are a few years old. Its hard in countries where the exchange rate kills gaming. 1 game is = to and 1/8 of their paycheck. Hard to play a nice mario when its like that.

0hMyGandhi9h ago

Damn, you guys got mean marios over there?

GotGame8182h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Nintendo used to lower prices back in the Gamecube Wii days. They were called Nintendo Selects and priced $20.00. They haven't done that in years. Nintendo should!

FinalFantasyFanatic47m ago


I miss those days, they didn't even lower prices for 3DS games before they scuttled new Eshop purchases, or prices on physical copies. I've also noticed the discounts for Switch games aren't as good now that the pandemic has been over for a while, especially on first party games. I wish they would bring the Selects back and drop $20 off the price permanently.

DazaMc22h ago

It's about time for Arkanoids return!

Brazz21h ago

Scroll Wheel would be very cool. Legit great feature for games that need select skills, itens, weapons, etc.

Tacoboto21h ago

Especially if "next to the triggers" means clickable scroll wheels instead of bumpers/L1R1.

That would be so great for games where those buttons already bring up in-game select wheels

Knightofelemia19h ago

Was not one of my favorite consoles but the shit a person could do with it. A gameboy player was about the reason why I liked the GC. And taking it apart to clean it pretty simple I wish Nintendo would let the gameboy player work on the Switch.

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Not exactly my cuppa, but there's a Yorkshire Tea controller now

The collaboration you’ve all been waiting for is here – Yorkshire Tea and your favorite console’s controller.

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Snookies123d ago

Those are um... They're certainly something!

Inverno3d ago

The Xbox controller looks better, logo is less intrusive.

Rebel_Scum3d ago

Hmph, you were lucky enough to be playing games with a yorkshire tea controller!

Back in my day we only had rectangular controllers that would give you blisters and wear your thumbs down to a nub!