Nintendo 1988 Inside Edition TV news report with Super Mario

This is an old clip of Inside Edition with an article about Nintendos big success in America. Filmed in 1988. This video has it all. Its got Howard Phillips in an interview, and even has a Nintendo game counselor, who has been featured in early issues of Nintendo Powers Q&A section.

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ploody5904d ago

ha, cool, I enjoyed watching this

Norad65904d ago

Nice vid. Fun to watch. The guy had trouble with Link'n Logs!?!?! OMG people in the 80's are stupid. I thought old people were dumb because of old age but I guess they were dumb even when they were young. LOL

ChickeyCantor5904d ago

what we play today.....was in that time for them. spoiled idiot :P

eepiccolo5903d ago

It looks like the spelled Howard Philips' name wrong. It only has one 'l', not two.

MikeIsOnFire845902d ago

That clip was old school! Did anyone notice that the reporter at the end was a young Bill O'Riely?? He should have stuck to covering Nintendo...