How the PS4′s controller is looking to improve gameplay

The PS4′s prototype controller has been leaked and [Sony-gamer] will be looking at the controller with a critical eye to see how Sony has improved it for gamers.


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NewMonday3694d ago

this one looks much more comfortable than the fat prototype.

if the 1:1 motion controls of the Move are a standard part of the new controller then this could open up new possibilities, like aiming and instinctive dodging

BitbyDeath3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

Pretty sure it's the same controller just at a different angle.

Also what's the difference between this move functionality and sixaxis?
Both move as you do, and an even bigger flaw in this one is you can't hold one in each hand comfortably.

In short, I don't think this has move built-in, unless it can somehow split in two.

awesomeperson3694d ago

I presume if the light is infact for move-like functionality, it could be used for actual positioning within space, 1:1 control, more accurate movement across axes, etc. This is in theory an improvement over Sixaxis, however I'm not sure how games would utilise it (would more than likely end up being a tacked on gimmick).

I do wonder if the inclusion is worth the cost (even if minor), if it has more limited functionality than an actual move controller (which I presume would still be released alongside this main controller)?

All in all, I can't wait for the reveal to see what truly is going on :)

dangert123694d ago

I was hoping we didn't end up with those tablet wii u controllers...

Blackdeath_6633694d ago

the guy says "There also is a speaker in between the controller that will probably be used for notifications which could let gamers know when the receive a message without the need for an onscreen indicator." i actually never thought about that. that can be one use for the screen on the controller. up untill now i have been struggling to find a use for the screen but now hopefully there is a chance to get rid of those pesky onscreen popups that distract you when you are busy kicking arse online

miyamoto3694d ago

You can use the Move function to move the camera or aim like on the Vita.

PS4isKing_823694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

It almost looks as if it has a rubber case around most of it.
I actually like that cause it looks like it'll be more comfortable in the hands while giving the player a better grip.

Now it just needs some color cause right now it's a little bland.
Some color would knock it out of the park in my book.

But otherwise, I'm really loving the new look the more I see it.
I'm kinda hoping Sony doesn't change it now lol :)

Good_Guy_Jamal3694d ago

I like it a heck of alot better than the current one, thats for sure. Always thought it was archaic and needed an update. Good you SONY for finally growing a pair and changing it, albeit just a bit.

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The story is too old to be commented.