GamePro Preview: Massive Grand Theft Auto IV Blowout

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power of Green 4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

They're betting on PS3 DLC? or betting on word of PS3 DLC?.

RS has already said PS3 and 360 will be getting DLC. lol

I doubt PS3 will be getting 50 million dollar's worth of expansions if thats what they mean.

Look a dissagree, shocking!. probably one of the fans saying the MSFT DLC paks were pointless yesterday. lol

NegativeCreepWA4195d ago

Why do you try and turn every GTA article into an argument about dl content? Its getting real old.

power of Green 4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Not argument wasn't even replying to anybody lol. Its mentioned in the post.

Whats old is you not leaving me be. And if you've been tracking my comments then ignor me no one's forcing you to read my opinions based on the topic.

Its a valid comment based from what was said in the post. Whats old is you thinking I give a rats ass what you get sick of seeing. I have a right to either respond to the posts or the envyous bashing of the topic/DLC.

What gets old is gamers trying to force others not to be excited about it and the media speculation about it; as if *MSFT worked some kind of deal for exclusive bragging rights* when the content is comming to both consoles? (o_0)!?.

Mr_Kuwabara4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Ummm.... where's teh description? (Is my comp fudged up cuz I can't see it)

4cough4195d ago

Gamepro is well rubbish.

Diugu4195d ago

I own a PS3 and I don't want any DLC. I will only get it if it is for free. I mean, there are other games.

Anyways it is a very nice addition. So it is very good for the Xbox owners.. I hope it is free for them and if it is not then I hope it is a fair price and it is really good.

Premonition4195d ago

lol you can get it for free if you have a good PSN friend, remember if someone pays and downloads for a add on or whatever they can pass it on to 5 more people :)

NegativeCreepWA4195d ago

Really. Can I do it with online friends? Or games like pain?

Diugu4195d ago

If my brother gets it... I will think about getting it from him.

Not sure though. I mean... I work all day.. and go to the university at night. I will take some long time to finish playing the game, if I ever do. So I believe MGS will be just around the corner.. so I really dont need a DLC.

Will think about it though.

Monchichi0254195d ago

Does anyone even read GamePro anymore? GamePro SUCKS!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.