Rumour: SF IV PS3 Exclusive Will Clash With MGS4 On June 12

The latest rumour to swirl around the ankles of the gaming giant that will be Street Fighter IV is that it will not only be PS3-exclusive but that its release date clash with PS3-exclusive Metal Gear Solid IV. SPOnG's here to crush it.

It is being suggested that Street Fighter IV will be released on June 12th, the launch date that has just been announced for Konami's stealthy shooter. It will also, like MGS4, be PS3 exclusive according to speculation. The rumour has done the rounds of a couple of French sites. tells us, "We have just noticed that the editor just listed Street Fighter IV on the platform dedicated to the European press. One of the details is that the title is only announced on PS3, for the 12 June 2008." - Via Spong

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mighty_douche4707d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

hmmm i very much doubt ALL the info, especially the release date, Capcom said it will be in arcades from summer so there is no way they could possibly have it on the consoles by June 12th.

Oh and exclusive? no likely... its Capcom... mind you, their Rep said ""We haven't even announced any home console versions for the game yet" so its not completely out of the question.

Amagai Shuusuke4706d ago

Only an arcade version will be
out this summer, and as for PS3
exclusive. One word, Capcom.
Not gonna happen.

TheTwelve4706d ago

Capcom giving a good, exclusive game to the PS3? Sorry, but we Sony fans will not be so lucky anytime soon.


therealwillie4706d ago

i think it could be a typo, SF IV Will Clash With PS3 Exclusive MGS4 On June 12

Sevir044706d ago

First off Capcom hasn't even given SF4 am arcade release date only saying that it'll be this summer and thats for Japan. With Capcom exclusives are as certain as O.J Simpson Claiming he didn't commit murder. This Is baseless as Capcom hasn't even themselves confirmed Home consoles So I call utter BS on the article and Whom ever wrote this POS needs to have their head examined thorougly.

Capcom + PS3 exclusive Street fighter 4.... LMAO!!! in a perfect world i guess

4706d ago
f7ss14706d ago

this has to be the most ridiculous rumor ive ever heard

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sonarus4707d ago (Edited 4707d ago )

besides the fact that 360 controller is a complete failure for fighters at least in my opinion(d pad has webbed feet making it function almost like a 3rd stick and you can't really enjoy a fighter on a console playing with a stick) i doubt this is possible. Capcom really shouldnt be foolish trying to sneak their way in with mgs4. Honestly this game can go 360 exclusive for all i care, if its coming out within 2 weeks of mgs4 its not going to get any attention from me. Plus from what i have seen of SF i have been completely unimpressed. Most anticipated fighters for the yr remain as Tekken 6 and Soul Calubur 4 and thats only because of darth vader. would have been nice to use yoda too though so i'll prob rent on 360 or maybe they will be kind enough to offer a demo for both versions so i can decide if its really worth buying

UnblessedSoul4707d ago

Maybe it's Capcom trying to make it up to ps users, but it's Capcom they screw us over everyday

sonarus4706d ago

well its too late for that now. I honestly have no beef towards capcom but if they like they should feel free to offer up RE5 as an exclusive i would say that should just about make it up

RJ20004706d ago

Did i miss the memo? when did Capcom put it in my butt?

ukilnme4706d ago

I truly don't see how some PS owners feel they were screwed just because Capcom put games on another system. I don't feel that Capcom screwed me at all. DMC4 is proof that they can make a good multiplatform game without "screwing" a particular system. Anyway, believe what you must to get you through the day and help you sleep at night.

PSWii60 FTW!!!

kingme714706d ago

I think alot of PS fans are upset with Capcom making Monster Hunter 3 a Wii game. I've never played an MH in the past, so I can't comment, but that seems to be the biggest beef with Capcom.

Keowrath4706d ago

ukilnme, I'm one of the ones that feels disappointed in Capcom for moving a game to another platform. Not to any rediculous extent that I'd boycot them but I'm disappointed none the less. I was one of the Monster Hunter fans that was actually rooting for the game to go multi. The PS3 has enough good exclusives to tide it over and I was hoping more people would get to play this wonderfully addictive game by bringing it to the 360 too.

Instead, they canceled the game that could have introduced us to a High Definition Rathalos (one of the main creatures in the game) which I'm sure a lot of fans were looking forward to see. I imagine it'll use the Wii-mote well, hopefully allowing you to "act" differently with each of the weapons but if you've played the game, I can imagine this game exhausting it's audience with swinging your arms around so much!

A lot of fans think Capcom as usual took the quickest and easiest fast money making route, Which as a company who'd blame them but you and they have to realise that they're upsetting a lot of their fanbase.

ukilnme4706d ago

I understand now since you mentioned Monster Hunter 3. No reason why that should not have been a multiplatform title as well.

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cloud3604706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

when i was about 7 i used to play a 2d street fighter with my uncles

i didnt really know wnat to do so i kept pressing any button really fast and kept button mashing. sometimes i was able to beat them!!!

Street Fighter Alpha EX on the ps1 was really good. there was a underwater guy who can use bombs. what was his name, he has blu cloth?

but now i am in a postition wer i am so ingormant and stubborn that every game sucks other than japanese rpg games and japanese games

InMyOpinion4706d ago

I remember him as Mr.Explosif(with french pronounciation). He was one of my favourite characters, along with the dude who had the baseball bat.

Playboy894706d ago

Bomb guy: Doctrine Dark (D.Dark)
Baseball bat guy: Cracker Jack