SouthPeak to freshen up hack-and-slashers with X-Blades

SouthPeak Games is taking on the rather ambitious task of freshening up 3rd person hack-and-slash games with their newly announced X-Blades by putting you in control of a blond little anime-styled hottie named Ayumi, a heroine who is both "stunningly seductive" and "tenacious".

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destroyah4194d ago (Edited 4194d ago )

Oh please it looks like garbage.

Chains of Olympus > This crap.

texism4194d ago

Oh my, a hack and slash with a half naked girl and acrobatic moves. How fresh! Surely we haven't seen this before.

Seriously, can you get anymore generic than "X-blades"? Ninja Gaiden 2 will own this thing.

ravinash4194d ago

"Melanie Mroz said the “3rd-person ‘hack-em-up’ genre needs a fresh perspective ".

he he....if you look at 3rd person from a different perspective, then its no longer 3rd person....sorry, couldn't resist.

toaboa4193d ago

In other news: Tryarch claims FPS needs to freshend up - will move setting to WWII, Normandy and introduce vehicle missions ;-D