Remote Play: Footage of Ni No Kuni on PS VITA.

The comboniation of an OLED display and the cel shaded artwork make a perfect pair. Who knew!

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Snookies123645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I heard custom firmware.... Dang it all...

jujubee883645d ago

I really hope the PS4 makes it so all its games can be played on the PS VITA in the future.

Games like these are meant to be enjoyed on the VITA (as well as on the big screen, IMHO)

aCasualGamer3645d ago

This gives me confidence. It means that there shouldn't be anything stopping Sony from implementing this on PS4. Think of it, all PS4 buyers could potentially be PS Vita buyers in the near future. They say "hmm... i want a wii u because of that pairing functionality. Or... maybe i should get the Vita!"

a_bro3645d ago

i cant see why not, at least when you're playing at home. both have wireless-n connectivity, at least the PS vita has it, so im sure the PS4 will have it'

i cant see the reason why they shouldnt include it.

jujubee883645d ago

Miracast works as an app on phones with a typical home router and phone hardware (that's usually super skewed) so, a console built from the ground up should offer a lag free, high quality image game streaming solution in home from PS4 to a handheld.

But I guess we will find out in 6-5 days. :)


The problem isn't so much the machines capability to perform remote play, although lag on Wiiu shows you do need more power for perfect remote play, according to something on the eublog ages ago its actually alot to do with licencing issues as games are licenced for display on tv, however if the game was to then run on a secondary screen on a potable system not originally in the agreement things get complicated...basically publishers need to agree to there game being played on a device other then what it was intended for. Though I would buy a vita straight away if the remote play we actually want was implemented in ps4.

NukaCola3645d ago

It can and I am sure with PS4 and Gaikai it will. It's a firmware update they can do. SotC/ICO is capable via a legally approved update, so hopefuly we will see it. Feb 20th.

Outside_ofthe_Box3645d ago

Aw man, I got excited for second.

aceitman3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

it can be done , someone I know that works in a sony store said a quote from a ps3 sony rep that the ps4 will have a section of android base ios style where your able to buy games and play on ps4 and all sony tablets and phones. and that the web browser will be google chrome.he said it is possible that the feature may be announced feb 20th if not it will be announced at e3. I was told that the rep also told them about the move a few weeks before they announced it.oh yeah when it all gets tested on the vita will have a firmware update to do the same. it will be a good move, think about it want small fast games cheap play , want the triple AAA games play it.wont be surprised to see a rumor come out on it.

lashes2ashes3645d ago

Sorry to say but I worked in game retail for years and most of the crap Sony and Xbox reps told us was completely wrong. They are not given any info on r&d until its time to promote the product.

soljah3645d ago

man leaving on a trip tomorrow for a week. 12hr flight boy would i love to play nnk on the vita. could get so much grinding done on the plane. then transfer a save back to the ps3 when i get home would be ideal.

Aggesan3645d ago

Remote play wouldn't help you much on a plane. Another vita exclusive ghibli/level 5 game though, that would be a real treat!

jony_dols3645d ago

Well most commercial airlines these days are equipped with Wifi. So if he did have a CFW PS3 & a Vita, he could play Ni No Kuni via a network connection.

Why Sony haven't bothered to officially open up remote play is baffling, it's just driving people to buy jailbroken PS3's...

showtimefolks3645d ago

this should be sony's answer for wii-u gamepad in high res and could be a killer package and could help sales of both ps3 and ps-vita

Ult iMate3645d ago

Sony must make this thing mandatory at least for PS4.

GribbleGrunger3645d ago

I've got a feeling that the 20th could change all of this ...

Seraphim3645d ago

jealous, extremely jealous. Sad, extremely sad. to think this past week I could have put another 20 hours into Ni No Kuni had I been able to play remotely. Instead I'm right where I left off a week ago and who knows when I'll find the time to sit down in front of the tv to continue.

I'm not sure what the hold up is regarding Remote Play but even w/ the PSP it was a long lost feature. It's truly sad that more games don't offer gamers the ability to use this feature. Obviously Ni No Kuni isn't coming to the Vita. Why not at least make it accessible to PS3/PSV gamers? Honestly I could actually see this creating not only PS3 sales but game sales as well. Seems there's quite a few people who only own a handheld I bet w/ Remote play more and more would buy a PS3 and start picking up some of the games that offer this feature... I guess the good news is that at least Sony is trying and giving us Cross Buy content. Still, in the grand scheme of things it seems like $$ is just being wasted on developing 2 different games instead of implementing Remote Play into 1.

demonJAKAL3645d ago

I'm hoping they announce full remote play for vita using Gaikai on the 20th

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

I bet ps4 will do with vita anyway.

But also play anywhere through gaikai.

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Nitrowolf23645d ago

ug CFW -_- Sony come on, support remote play more.

Godchild10203645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Sony, Namco or Level 5 needs to make this happen. I would love to play this on my Vita.

I'm ready to purchase another Vita just to load up a custom firmware, if it's the only way to play games Via remote play.

Nitrowolf23645d ago

eh I think it's CFW PS3 running this from my knowledge, there's an option to make all games remote play. I mean it's pretty silly it's not supported by Sony, but it maybe due to control issues maybe?

PopRocks3593645d ago

DAMN. Who knew? Good show on the dudes who created that firmware. Sony ought to make this an official part of the firmware.

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