Sony's PR Team Is Trolling Nintendo & Microsoft With PS4

Sony has definitely taken some odd turns when advertising their hardware in the past. The PS4 isn’t even out of the bag yet and we’re already seeing the gloves come off. Below are some mobile ads found by @Nintex_nl that seem to be targeting Nintendo and Microsoft. The above ad is thought to be hitting Nintendo, more specifically Wii Fit.

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NastyLeftHook03875d ago


as far as i know it was microsoft who stated something along the lines of

"ps4 will not go noticed by most in the uk"

talk about them taking the gloves off.

anyways ps4 day 1.

Dylila3875d ago

im so excited for ps4 and i cant wait to see its features, specs and games

jujubee883874d ago

So MS where talking one moment, than Sony PR got their "Hulk smash" on, huh?


darthv723874d ago

That UK comment was aimed at the average uninformed consumer. Not gamers like those that follow this site or the industry as a whole.

You take it like they were insulting the gamers personally. Try not to confuse one for the other. That happens far too often on this site.

blackbeld3874d ago

Microsoft got big toes you just can't miss it and accidental step on it.

Trolling? What's wrong with just saying the truth?

NaiNaiNai3874d ago

Lol Darth thinking console owners are gamers.

AHHHAHAHHA, that is classic.

but no, you are just casual kiddies.

EVILDEAD3603874d ago

The Sony PS team isn't trolling, they are just throwing some legal shots at the competition.

MS is as guilty as Sony is in this department throughout the years.

The are feeding the frothing fans what they want....another console war.

It's going down baby..you know what this means though is both MS and Sony gotta back the smack talk up with reality and Sony is taking the first steps to doing this next week.

Come with it Sony. The industry needs this craziness.

Life is good.


Starfox173874d ago

I think Sony will just lie about a few specs just to make u guys happy as i think Sony fans want specs more than actual games that show power ???


Thats a nice game.

akaakaaka3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

@unlimax LOL those are the most funny i have ever seen..
m$ #2 won..
and ninty #1 / m$ #1 got even for 2nd place ..

MaxXAttaxX3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Is that pic from 2005?

[edit] Oh it's Monster Hunter. I didn't realize it was just an upscaled version of the Wii game.

nukeitall3874d ago


Those are pretty funny, but we also need some for Sony as well. All in good fun spirit. :D

Denethor_II3874d ago

"The are feeding the frothing fans what they want....another console war."

I think I have a feeling I know what side your on.

GameNameFame3874d ago

Cause MS wasnt trolling... yea

nukeitall3873d ago


That is so funny!

We need more of that stuff. :D

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Karpetburnz3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Microsoft also said something like "the PS3 isn't as good of an entertainment console as the xbox 360 and evertbody knows it" haha which is just stupid btw.

KillrateOmega3874d ago

The butthurt emanating from MS in that statement is simply palpable.

Wagz223874d ago

I just really hope sony is more aggressive with advertising and marketing, they make the quality hardware and games but their marketing team really needs to step it up to show people what their system and games can really do. Things don't sell themselves sometimes so you have to market in a way where it will catch peoples attention.

DOMination-3874d ago

I mean that is a stupid comment. I didn't read the article but whoever said that at MS should be more humble and anyway i think the ps3 is probably better in that department.

With Darvths comment above though i do think MS meant the general public. 99% of the UK will have no idea about the ps4 reveal so that's what they were saying. Of course in the days following the reveal that will change.

Knight_Crawler3874d ago

Its funny...Nintendo should do ad in japan with some kid going into a game store and asking for Monster Hunter for the VITA.

zebramocha3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

@knight and he gets soul sacrifice instead and the guy states "it's better than monster hunter 20x over".

strifeblade3874d ago

wow the above poster is really sensitive about the whole monster hunter issue. Everytime a guy mentions monster hunter 50 vita guys are like

"wat soul sacrafice is betterzzz, i played itzz fuxxxorz amazin, monster hunter= no good.. itzz only good on psp but its on 3ds now so now no good"

vita fanboys really sensitive at the moment LMAO

PFFT3874d ago

SS hasnt even been released. So how can you be so sure it will be better than MH???? Let it release, PLAY it then say whether its better or not.

user39158003874d ago


NegativeCreepWA3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Apparently you've never met Nazism or TheMart just to name a few from the old days.

KaBaW3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

I guess "Nazism" is codename for Nasim? :P Funny kid, I miss him.
TheMart, I don't think was quite as bad as Nasim, but, yes. Good ol days.
PowerOfGreen, too. Oh lordy lord. There was a lot of good ones. Ahhhh. :)

Shadow Flare3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Few people on here likely remember what this site was like when this gens consoles launched. Wonder if it will happen again with the ps4 launch lol

Back then there was no bubble system either. You could comment as much as you wanted and I remember some articles reaching over 1000 comments. Over 1000 comments of fanboy mentalness. And people think the site is a trollfest now lol

Stedron3874d ago

oh yeah the Mart forgot about him...man he was troll shit!!