Cube Vs. Wii comparison shots

More comparison shots of Cube games versus their Wii counterparts.

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NitrogenB5904d ago

Cause I really don't see much difference between the two....

Islandkiwi5904d ago

I have to agree. I go back and forth on buying a Wii on release day, but I'm leaning more towards waiting and seeing what people's opinions are of it before I plunk down my cash. These image comparisons didn't inspire much confidence.

ploody5904d ago

Not too much of a difference but I think the games people will get for the Wii will be the ones that would be fun to play with the remote, you know like 1st party games and such, the rest are usually on the other consoles as well. I personally would like to get ahold of the Wii sports games and try em out.

whateva5904d ago

can do this but people spend all they time trying to make sony look bad if the PS3 games looked like that all hell would of broke loose

Marriot VP5904d ago

Dang, look at metroid the graphics are horrible.

250 bucks for a console playing 5 year old games with a new controller. How much is another controller, 70 bucks with the chuck.


ChickeyCantor5904d ago

we get it you dont like the Wii, you made your point.....really wonder why you even read the Wii news.

calderra5904d ago

Seriosuly though. $250, and at least $60 for a mote+chuck, and all I wind up with is an upgraded Gamecube?

The only reason I was going to get this was for multiplayer with my girlfriend. Not to mention the news spot that the lightbar hates sunlight- so they system will basically be useless in my living room.

D'oh! I almost forgot- all the lights we use to light our living room are behind us relative to the TV. The console would basically be useless for me at this point.


Maddens Raiders5903d ago

Um, I grew up on Nintendo and all - have no animocity toward the co. or their games [LOVE Super Smash Bros.], but DAMN - these graphics are TOTALLY suspect for NEXT-GEN, and then to have to play on Wii-motes? (barf). No way; Unacceptable. I'll play it when available at my boy's house. He loves Nintendo no matter what. Whew.