Gears of War: Tactics first screens (Alpha work)

Kinect has changed the Microsoft policy. They have changed the hardcore games for Kinect games. RARE abandoned IPs like Banjo, Killer Instinct for casual games. Only Halo, Forza and Gears of War stay with us.

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TekoIie3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

Well how about that...

So a possible launch title for NeXbox? Something like a real time XCOM would be quite nice and the Gears Universe is a great setting. Kinect only doesn't make me excited but with this genre it has the potential to work with Kinect 2.

I'll give it a chance once I see some gameplay.

GearSkiN3145d ago

dammit Microsoft I love my xbox quit milking AAA TITLES AND MAKE SOME NEW ONES!

stage883145d ago

If this is the best they've got for next gen, consider me unimpressed.

whoyouwit043144d ago

One this is alpha build from the 360 version and 2 they never said this was coming to 720, The writer of the article said it probably is being made for 720, so color me unimpressed that you are the typical uninformed jump to conclusion Microsoft hater.

stage883144d ago

MS hasn't exactly been the forefront for plentiful and great exclusives recently so my concerns are still valid.

Sidewinder-3145d ago

Company of Heroes/DOW2 Real Time Tactics, for casuals.

Just like Halo Wars was the RTS game, for casuals.