GameTap: Mirror's Edge Preview - Leap of Faith

GameTap writes: Swedish developer DICE is known for its online war games, notably the Battlefield titles; it also has a lot of experience developing racing games, and the company even made a pinball game back in 1992. But nobody likes to be pigeonholed, which could be why the developer's newest project to be unveiled is a dramatic departure from all of their previous projects: a first-person single-player action game.

Mirror's Edge features a female protagonist named Faith, who lives in an unnamed futuristic city. In this version of the future, people use services of runners (which are messengers, not marathoners) to deliver sensitive information that they might not want to risk having intercepted by sending electronically. Think of her as a modern-day bike messenger, minus the bike. The city environment we saw was a really nice contrast to most futuristic environments, with bright light and white buildings accented with primary colors.

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