Action Trip: Mass Effect PC Preview

Action Trip writes: Hardcore PC gamers still refusing to hop on the console bandwagon now have a great deal to smile about. Not only has BioWare revealed an upcoming PC port of Mass Effect, their successful sci-fi RPG, but they also officially confirmed a release in early May, which is now less than three months away.

The first thing you'll notice about the PC version are sharper visuals and better overall performance. At this point, BioWare hasn't made a decision about the highest resolution (odds are they'll cap it at 1920*1200). It goes without saying that Mass Effect 360 was visually stunning and the game's 720p presentation worked just fine. Even so, certain issues seriously affected the player's immersion. For one thing, the Xbox 360 system frequently had a hard time loading textures on both character models and the environment. Waiting -- in some cases several seconds -- for the game to paint all the objects and characters with textures, had a tendency to ruin the experience. Such occurrences won't be much of a problem in the PC edition. Textures and landscape features will load faster than on Microsoft's console. In fact, it's likely that the developers will manage to remove this issue completely by the time the game hits stores shelves on May 6.

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