PSP outsells DS in Japan ..Again

Things are looking up for PSP in Sony's homeland, as it managed to nip ahead of DS in hardware sales figures for last week. According to Media Create digits for the week ending February 24, Sony managed to sell 53,373 PSP units, knocking the 50,151-selling DS temporarily off its perch.

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mighty_douche4187d ago

Bet Nintendo are shaking in their money shoes.... not.

Still ggod news for Sony and the PSP, its a seriously under-rated piece of tech.

decapitator4187d ago

Yeah. Glad to see PSP finally getting the recognition it deserves. It is a much better platform IMO. I cant wait for God of War.

TheTwelve4187d ago

Nintendo is certainly shaking in their boots. What the PSP is doing was deemed as impossible 5 years ago: actually taking real and significant market-share away from Nintendo's monopoly over the hand-held market. Nintendo is shaking because the PSP2 is only going to be worse for them.

Competition rules.

I swear, Sony doesn't give up, do they? They go through so much crap and yet they just grind ahead.


Jeanne4187d ago

"Still ggod news for Sony and the PSP, its a seriously under-rated piece of tech."

Sony is still having trouble communicating just how much stuff you can do with the PSP. Both on stage and in commercials.

Right now with my PSP:

PSP games - Patapon, Jeanne D'Arc

PS1 games - Downloaded with my PS3 from the PSN store Wild Arms and Jumping Flash and playing them both on my PSP and PS3

Remote play - Playing Pixel Junk Monsters laying in bed over wireless to my PS3

Watching movies remotely - DLNA server setup on my computer piping 500 gigs of media to my PS3 and then streamed wirelessly to my PSP to anywhere in my house and over the Internet from work

Accessed my PS3 from work and setup downloads from the PS3 store

Have PSP sync software setup on my computer to update my latest podcasts onto the system

And I haven't even gone with a custom firmware yet.

Sony really needs to start bundling the PSP with the PS3 now that the PS3 prices are dropping. The PSP/PS3 combo feels like a single unified system once you have both connected wirelessly.

Skerj4187d ago

Couldn't agree more Jeanne. I've had the PSP since launch and it's feature set makes it all but indispensable to me. Having a PSP/PS3 combo gives you so many awesome tech abilities that one should not be without the other as you said. I wonder if Sony eventually will pack the PSP in with the PS3 and place some PSP games on the PS3 hard drive for you to get. It'd be a wickedly awesome deal and a serious blow to competition.

darthv724187d ago

with so many people having purchased the ds, what else is there to get in the way of a gaming handheld. Why cant these people have both and enjoy both. Market saturation. When everyone has it, they move on to something else.

DRUDOG4187d ago

Jeanne you are so right. It still blows me away when I think of how much my PSP can do. I recall Sony hinting at making most if not all PSN titles remote play. I can't wait for that to happen. The only reason why I don't use the remote play more is because I've already got a bunch of ass kicking games. I'll be picking up Patapon soon (like REAL soon) and GOW is on the way next week. I'm always saying it, but isn't it good to be owning something from Sony right now?

redninja4187d ago

I'm not surprised. After all, the PSP is the superior portable and has a far more compelling line up of titles this year.

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PS360WII4187d ago

Very nice a good 3k more. Now we can wait for that software to jump up as well. Seems there are way to many units being sold without anyone buying a game >< There is more than Crisis Core and Monster Hunter Japan!

mighty_douche4187d ago

I've all ways noticed that hardware - software never seems to match up with the PSP. Maybe people are buying it for its other features, homebrew, movies, skype etc...?

decapitator4187d ago

The software line up for this year and going forward looks incredible on the PSP, so am not worried at all. The only thing that will be a problem is PIRACY.

BrotherNick4187d ago

You get the same stuff on the ds, but it's easier to do it. Casuals are more likely to buy games than the hardcore, which is an easy explanation to the psp attach rate.

DRUDOG4187d ago

I think the versatility, like the PS3, is one reason that software numbers might appear low. There are some who might have bought it for it's other uses along with the games. In Japan they've got add-ons like the tv tuner and GPS (coming soon NA!) so it's used for much more than just a handheld.

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LaChance4187d ago

on PSP = Valkyrie profile Lenneth

HardcoreGamer4187d ago

crazy game i love it, soooo much psp and this game is like the best combo ,

anybody who digs rpgs on handhelds, eg
golden sun, ff, dragon quest

have to get valkryie profile lenneth

SubzeroX4187d ago

What about all the years ds made it look like nothing? maybe this guy should mention that it's almost half a million behind the ds lol. The psp is dead time for psp2 already, and as much as it sells it will never be as good nintendo.

mighty_douche4187d ago

id switch it around and say no matter how much the DS sells it will never be as good as the PSP.

Once you get your head around all the custom firmware/ homebrew you'll realise just how good the PSP is, DS is good if you want childish mini-games or you like to simply download all your games from torrent using the R4.

PS360WII4187d ago

Bah never say the DS is only for childish mini games. It has the best of the quick, long, casual, hardcore, rpg, action, platform, any genre! The best games are found on DS. Don't listen to the propoganda!

That said PSP is good too but will never have the must own games that are on the DS. Disagree if you want but your only disagreeing to the truth.

mighty_douche4187d ago

propoganda? dude i own one.

regarding "Disagree if you want but your only disagreeing to the truth" No. I disagree with YOUR opinion like you disagreed with mine, everyone is entitled to think what they like.

PS360WII4187d ago

no it is propoganda that the DS only had kids games. That's no opinion that the DS has some of the better games out now and soon to be.

tatotiburon4187d ago

fact: if you want the biggest game library, buy a DS, if you want homebrew and some cool games, buy a both you can download all the games you want, each DS game weight abou 100mb more or less, a PSP game weight 1gb or 2gb like GOW but it sucks how people rip PSP games by removing videos and other cool stuff.

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akaFullMetal4187d ago

the ps3 is really low this week, i guess it has to do with no new releases im guessing, but when sony finally releases a jrpg i think alot of people are going to flocking to the ps3

Nathaniel_Drake4187d ago

I'm thinking the reason for the slow sales is the anticipation of the new MGS4 bundle to hit

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