Paramount & Dreamworks done with HD DVD next week

Video Business reports that the March 4 releases Into the Wild and Things We Lost in the Fire will be Paramount Home Entertainment's last titles in the HD DVD format, the studio confirmed.

The studio pulled the plug on the HD DVD versions of other titles that had been announced for the format, including DreamWorks Animation's Bee Movie, due March 11, and Sweeney Todd, due April 1. Their standard DVD versions will come out as planned.

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sonarus4004d ago

a couple of months ago they were dancing around with transformers sales. now they got stuck in a contract lol. wish toshiba had locked them down a little longer lol make them deliver their money's worth cus i dnt really care for any paramount films. this includes transformers

travelguy2k4004d ago

Movies for the HD DVD but have they announced them for Blue Ray?

JasonX434004d ago