Sony announces Japan PS3 game prices

Sony has announced the retail price of two of its Japanese PS3 launch titles, Insomniac's Resistance: Fall of Man and Sony's own Genji: Days of the Blade.

Both titles will retail for 5980 yen in Japan (about 27 GBP or 50 USD) and Sony also confirmed that its upcoming dirt-racer, Motorstorm (releasing December 7 in Japan) will be sold at the same price.

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unleash bass5901d ago

Europe will get screwed again. There is NO WAY! that these games will retail at £27. 50USD = 50GBP. Chuffin rip off. Why the hell do we always get a bum deal? Do they think Europe is loaded or something?

Raist5901d ago

Your little friends, the taxes. Import taxes, VAT, and there you go.
I doubt that in the end a company gets more money from a game sold in europe than from one sold in japan.

Shadow Flare5901d ago (Edited 5901d ago )

people complained about lack of HDMI in the 20gb ps3, so they stuck it back in

people complained about the boomerang controller, so they changed it to the ever popular dualshock styled controller

people complained there was no actual ps3 gameplay footage, so all of E3 2006 consisted of actual gameplay

And the japanese more specifically were noted that they like the console and were interested in it, but were really put off by the high price, so sony acknoledged that and lowered the price of the 20gb ps3 and the games are cheaper for them

why only for the japanese? I would say because they can, and because japan is only getting 100,00 units, so it's a nice gesture for their home country. Cheaper prices for 100,000 units is alot easier for sony to handle then cheaper prices on 400,000 units as they would be losing much more money.

Its a matter of keeping good relations and with the Wii so popular in japan right now, sony have to do something to counter that in order to gain favour with their home country. I think its a great move by sony, and recent headlines suggest that the japanese are now as equally interested in PS3 as they are in Wii