aceitman3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

3 new games with release dates ,one update for super Mario bros wiiu in summer, 1 miiverse update for Zelda and that's it , if ur happy with that then something is wrong, I am very upset I bought a wii u with this game drought.

zerocrossing3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Early adopters always get burned, it's been this way for pretty much every console even the PS3 and 360. This is exactly why I always wait about a year or so before purchasing a new console, at least that way you are getting a half decent library with 2 or 3 AAA titles.

Im not trying to justify Nintendo's actions here and I honestly feel bad that you have to be one of the many gamers suffering the Wii U drought, most Nintendo fans know that the 1st party exclusives usually justify the purchase of a Ninty console so I hope for everyones sake that the wait is worth it.

Deku-Johnny3762d ago

Did you miss the Wii U direct last month? They're not going to have massive announcements one after an other. If you're happy with the Wii U announcements from this Direct and the last one then something is right. I am very happy I bought a Wii U with it's great future.

quantae063762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@Deku-Johnny Thats exactly why I didn't expect much. But people complained and complained. Nintendo already announced their big first party games last month.

lilbroRx3762d ago

Wow, these journalist write stuff up fast. I literally just switched tabs immediately after the Nintendo direct ended and this is sitting here.

lifesanrpg3762d ago

A lot of these smaller sites will submit a title and headline and then fill the content in later. They rarely ever fact check.

It's sad what passes on N4G sometimes

RmanX10003762d ago

Poor Luigi would get the unlucky year of '13 :3

DEATHxTHExKIDx3762d ago

no 3DS zelda announcement.....

nrvalleytime3762d ago

Yeah, but that's coming later. They'll probably announce it alongside a Wii U Zelda title, and make that Nintendo Direct solely about that series.

RmanX10003762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

How about a new Golden Sun, F-Zero, or StarFox? We're already going to get a new Zelda for WiiU, along with an HD update of WW... Btw, where the hell is that MOTHER news that was teased awhile ago?

Stephen55433762d ago

(Just a disclaimer) The MOTHER news wasn't ever stated as something new. Itoi stated it wasn't something major and that it was a re release. and it was referring to the Wii U getting MOTHER 2 on its Virtual Console in Japan.

Reaper99373762d ago

Pretty sh!te N Direct, complete waist of time.

PopRocks3593762d ago

Not even close dude. They announced some new games, some important release dates, some DLC plans and gave Zelda fans a little love on Miiverse. I don't see how that's a waste of time.

Also I'm amused that Luigi's has this entire year dedicated to him. He's finally receiving some much deserved love lol.

PopRocks3593762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

I'm only a tool because it's Nintendo, right? I'll take that over being an incomprehensible troll.

Reaper99373762d ago

So bro, instead of getting Mario, Mario, Mario, we get Luigi, Luigi, Luigi and then some Mario. A Zelda forum on Miiverse and dates for a concert, [email protected]#King-doo; with the crap that's going to be available as DLC we rather not have it.

So yeah, IMHO it was a complete waist of time. Where are the new IPs, MP hunters sequel, Wario Land, Yoshi's Story, Starfox, etc.

I really don't know why I expected more...

PopRocks3593762d ago

Hey! Context! What is that!

They announced all of, what, two things specifically exclusive to Luigi? Mario Golf, Mario & Luigi and Mario vs. Donkey Kong? Not to mention they gave out a bunch of important release dates for other games that people have been anticipating.

It's called a Nintendo Direct and this one came barely a month after the last one which already had huge game reveals. Why did you expect huge announcements in this one so soon after the last?

Also it's "waste." The waist you're spelling is actually near your hips.

stuntman_mike3762d ago

"Waist of time" sounds like a new Zelda game lol. come watch as Links waist expands threw time to a "GUT BUSTING" finale.

MasterCratosKong663762d ago

i guess im the only one excited about finally having donkey kong country returns on the 3ds

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