Hitman: Absolution - Man Hitting 101

Eskimo Press: While the new Hitman game was received with mixed emotions from critics and fans alike, there's no denying that youtube user Criken2's take on the game makes Absolution's stealth seem totally broken - with hilarious consequences.

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FiLTHY ESKiMO3517d ago

Strangely enough this video makes me want to play the game, again.

Sako3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Yeah, one needs to keep in mind that Criken2 specializes in playing around with games in order to show the goofy, and glitchy sides of them. I thought Absolution was a good addition to the series

ninjahunter3517d ago

Lol, I personally like using throwing knives and axes. And i know i may get some flack, but this game has some of the funnest shooting ive played in a long time XD It way fun to beat a level by going commando.

Sako3517d ago

Totally agree, I think that because the focus of Hitman has always been stealth the excellent shooting mechanics in Absolution are really under rated. It is extremely satisfying to take people out with the dual silenced silverballers. Point shooting was also a fun feature

Sako3517d ago

And there's a ton of different weapons to use!